Thursday, May 4, 2017

Gabriel's 6 Month Update

What a month! Our baby is now moving more than ever (which I didn't think was possible) and is also getting cuter, funnier, and even more of a sweet little personality. Month 5 was another busy one so I will skip the chatter and get to the update! 

Weight: 16 lbs. (he's in the 22%, which can be attributed to the fact that he was sick and only nursed for a week AND that he is ALWAYS moving!)

Length: 26.75" (56%)... and a noggin in the 97% (18 inches!) 

Nicknames: Gabe, Gabey, Chunkilicious, Red, Baby Gabey

Wearing: 9 month fits best, but he can still squeeze into a couple 6 month pajamas. 

Sleep: He still sleeps great as long as he is on me... he likes to nurse throughout the night (which the doctor said is more of a pacifier issue), so trying to get him accustomed to his crib should be interesting! 

Gabe likes: Jackson, Bella, Costco, going for walks, jumping, moving constantly, being included in things, being held and interacted with, reading, army crawling like a mad man, bath time, his exersaucer, 

Gabe dislikes: Being hungry and/or alone, feeling left out, his crib, when mommy tries to make him sleep in his crib, being overly tired, not being able to do something he has set his mind to (crawling, putting food in his mouth, etc

Mom & Dad's Favorite Things: Watching him play with Jackson, his adorable laugh, seeing his little personality come through more and more, how smart and alert he is, his big blue eyes and red hair

I usually show pictures of something correlating to this month's big milestones, but I don't have many relevant pictures... soo, enjoy these quick bullet points! 

~Gabe is OBSESSED with Bella and it is adorable -- I can remember when Jackson first noticed Bitsy when he was maybe 6 or 7 months old and got the biggest smile on his face... anyway, Gabe first noticed Bella at around 4 months and has been going after her ever since! Luckily, Bella is the sweetest girl ever and is really gentle with Gabe (even when he pulls her fur or tail).

~We learned how to army crawl this month and haven't looked back! Gabe can actually get around really quickly, but gets so frustrated in that he still can't figure out how to crawl on his hands and knees... maybe this will be the month he finally gets it. 

~Jackson came down with a nasty fever followed by lots of coughing and snot which, of course, Gabe ended up with the next week. Fortunately (I guess), it was just a virus, but the doctor still put him on amoxicillin since he also contracted a double ear infection. This didn't come as a huge surprise, but his doctor brought up getting his tubes in his ears since this is his 3rd or 4th ear infection in 6 months. We definitely want to wait a bit to do the surgery (preferably until after he is 1), but are pretty certain it is something we want to go forward with. In other news, Gabe STILL can't rotate his legs out to the side like he should be able to, which could be because of hip dysplasia or just the fact that he is really stiff (which is what the doctor thinks -- he had a hard time getting his arms to even bend and joked that he will make a great football linebacker but a terrible gymnast), so he ordered hip x-rays to get a better look. Aside from that, everything looked great (and he once again marveled at how strong and stubborn Gabe is for a baby). 

Baby's (and big brother's) first Nuggets game! We played the Cavs and WON!

Somebody got his first taste of cake this month (during mommy's birthday lunch)... he has yet to look back! 

Baby's 1st opening day! We went to Cheddar's to watch the game and shared a dessert :)
 At the Wish Boutique fashion show with mommy, Grammy, and Aunt Nancy! (Not pictured: All the ladies oohing and ahhing over him -- including former Miss Colorado, Kelly Johnson!) 
 Wearing his brother's Easter outfit
Gabe enjoyed sucking on the Easter Bunny's matted fur :/
 The Easter Bunny left lots of goodies on Grammy and Grandpa's fire place! 
Gabey's 6 month check up

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gabriel's 5 Month Update

...and just like that, Gabe is 5 months old :/ This is the last month that my baby will be closer to being a newborn than he is to being 1... how can this be?! As always, Gabriel is a true joy and is beginning to show us his little fiery, go-getter personality. He loves being held, moving constantly, and trying to do whatever his big brother is doing (which tends to receive a mixed reaction from Mr. Jax). Whenever I think back to when I was pregnant and stressed out about whether or not I could ever love Gabe as much as I love Jackson, I have to laugh -- we truly couldn't love this boy more than we do! 

Enough of my babble -- here's the man of the hour:

Weight: No scale at home, but I will guess that he's up a pound from his 4-month checkup (so 15 lbs. 15 oz).

Length: As per his 4-month checkup, 25 inches (68th percentile, with a head in the 93rd....)

Nicknames: Gabe, Gabey, Baby Gabey, Chunks, Chunkilicious, Cheeks

Wearing: Some 3-6 month still barely fits, but for the most part he rocks the 6-9 month clothes.

Sleep: No big change since last month... he still sleeps on me... BUT we have been talking A LOT about getting both boys back into their rooms, so I may have some stories to tell about that come next month. 

Gabe likes: Being held, jumping while he's being held, eating regular foods, feeding himself, being able to do things on his own, watching Jackson, reading with Jax and mommy, rocking, being sang to, interaction, playing on his mat, chewing on EVERYTHING, kicking and rolling, Bella

Gabe dislikes: When he can't do something on his own, being left out of anything, when everyone leaves the room, staying in one place for too long, loud noises, having something taken away that he was chewing on, traveling long distances

Mom & Dad's Favorite Things: His blue eyes and red hair, cute little smile and babbles, his stubborn personality, watching him interact with Jackson, when he discovers something new and gets excited

~Right after we got the go-ahead from Gabe's doctor, we started him on solids! It's funny because I was SO opposed to starting Jax on real food until after he was 6-months (partly because we were getting ready to go on a big road trip and partly because I was depressed and didn't want my baby to grow up) but Gabe has been so fascinated with watching us eat since he was about 2-months and would always get so excited and enthusiastic about it... anyway, we decided to wait until we got back from Punta Cana to begin, but I ended up giving him some tortilla (pictured) the night of his doctor's appointment. He is already such a good eater and loves sampling just about anything we're eating (his favorites so far are any kind of bean, fruit purees, breads, fish of any kind, and chicken)!

~The boys sweet Nana (Brandon's mom) and her husband -- Grandpa Russell -- came out from Kansas for the weekend and we had a wonderful time showing them around Denver and introducing them to Mr. Gabe :)

~We took the babies to Punta Cana this month (which deserves a post of its own) and had a wonderful time relaxing by the pool, exploring the resort (Hard Rock), and overeating. The plane rides there were pretty smooth and uneventful, but the trip back was an entirely different story and made for one stressful day (long story short, we had a one hour lay over in New Jersey and didn't make our flight in time because of customs and the world's slowest security line and world's rudest TSA agents... fortunately, we made it on the next flight to Denver, but Gabe and I sat in a different row than Brandon and Jax, and Gabe only napped 20 minutes of the entire 4 hour flight... ugh!)

~You wouldn't know it from his pictures, but holy moly does this kid have a temper! He is usually pretty happy and content, but the minute something isn't going his way (he drops something, everyone leaves the room, he's bored with whatever he is doing), he SCREAMS. Personality wise, he is the dead opposite of Jackson, so I have a feeling we may need to tweak our parenting style a bit for our feisty and opinionated little man!

~No picture, but ever since this kid first rolled from his back to his stomach (at exactly 15 weeks), he has not stopped and now gets from point a to point b in record time by rolling himself across the room... Needless to say, we ordered a baby gate for the stairs and Brandon is getting it installed this weekend.

Baby's first ashtag (and the first time he ever took his paci!)
Somebody loved his cousin, Gabby!
Meeting his godmother, Veronica (AKA Cinderella) after her performance
Jackson is always asking to hold Gabe and Gabe thinks that Jackson is the funniest person on earth!
Daddy and his 3 babies
5 am flights call for 1 am wake up calls :(

Trying on Jackson's hand-me-downs before the trip
3 best friends enjoying the playroom 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Gabriel's 4 Month Update

4 months... 4 MONTHS?! How can this be? The time is going by sooooooo quickly and our little Gabe keeps getting happier, cuter, and even more squishy by the day!

Things definitely stay busier around here with two (hence the reason it is once again taking me so long to write this post -- I have what I think is a touch of the flu, so I have been up with terrible sweats, chills, and aches all night and finally decided to get up, make some tea, and write while I feel like it), but neither Brandon nor I would have it any other way.

Here is a quick look back at another wonderful month with Gabe:

Jax was busy watching the KU game with dad, so I jumped at the opportunity to get a few rare pictures of Gabe by himself :)

Weight: 14 lbs. 15 oz (I was SHOCKED -- he seems so much bigger than that to me!)

Length: 25 inches (68th percentile, with a head in the 93rd....)

Nicknames: Gabe, Gabey, Baby Gabey, Chunks, Chunkilicious, Cheeks

Wearing: Mostly 3-6 month, with the exception of a few 6-9 months that I bought for him to grow into.

Sleep: Same as before: Great as long as it's on mom! 

Gabe likes: CONSTANTLY moving, playing on the floor, rolling over, Jackson, having someone get down on the floor to play with him, being interacted with, mornings, Bella (he just stares at her), the electric train at Grammy and Grandpas, listening to Jax's books, observing the world around him

Gabe dislikes: Being left on the floor for too long, when mommy has any kind of dairy in her system, loud noises, when his brother comes close to his face and yells something that I still can't make out (it sounds like "Nemo-nastic," but he says it super fast and only says it when he's in Gabe's face because he thinks it's funny...)

Mom & Dad's Favorite Things: How stinking adorable he is, his rolls, how strong he is, cuddling, getting him to smile and/or laugh, watching Gabe interact with his older brother

Dr. Jax giving Gabe his shots :)
Jax at his 4-month well check // Gabe at his 4-month well check
~I was actually shocked to learn that Gabe only weighs 14 pounds! He is so solid and chunky, but his doctor assured us that this is normal at 4 months (because 4-month-olds get easily distracted) and recommended beginning solids with him. (Since we leave for our big trip soon, we decided to wait until after we get back so we aren't trying new foods with him in a foreign country.) She also got the biggest kick out of how strong he is and said she remembers how Jackson was the complete opposite and it took us forever to get him to even plant his feet on the ground to stand. 

~Well, it happened. At exactly 15 weeks, Gabe rolled over from back to stomach. I thought that maybe it was a fluke (I was doing dishes and not watching him when it happened), but minutes later he did it again and hasn't stopped! In addition to scooting, he now rolls from back to stomach to back to get across the room... Oy! 

~The local movie theater does a "cry baby day" once a week, so I packed up the boys one cold and snowy morning and took them to see "Sing." We were the only ones in the entire theater (not just our theater, but the entire building) and Jackson got the biggest kick out of eating popcorn and dancing to the music while Gabe nursed and/or slept. 

~We made Gabe's second ever trip to my parent's for their museum's annual dinner (which I do the marketing for), and Gabe enjoyed the change of scenery... however, he wasn't having any of the entertainment/auction and cried most of the time, and then cried a lot more later that night when mommy failed miserably and had a piece of dessert covered in whipped cream :(

~Gabe, Jax, and I all had a go-around with bad colds this month, but -- thanks to our dear friend, the sun -- Gabe's didn't last nearly as long as I figured it would! (Seriously; babies should be allowed to get sick so often when they're so young... that must be the ONE trait he picked up from me!)

Random Pictures
His eyes keep getting bluer by the day!
Photo by Jackson
Baby's 1st Valentines (at Costco)

3 month Gave vs. Jax
Setting up the train at Grammy and Grandpas

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