Friday, October 12, 2012

What I've Learned From Wedding Mags

I remember the first time I bought a wedding magazine. I was 18, had just started college, and needed something to read (after all, I wasn't about to read my speech book...). I headed over to Target and started perusing the many titles and ran across the Colorado edition of "The Knot." I had never looked through a wedding magazine before but it seemed like a no-brainer choice since I was now a 'mature adult.'

No more Seventeen Magazine for this girl! Oops, I mean woman!

I started thumbing through all the stunning dresses, breathtaking venues, and masterpiece cakes. Oh yeah, this was all totally doable and I'd easily be able to fork over $35K for a "The Knot" style wedding.

Annnnnnddddd, fast forward to today.

I met my dream man almost two years ago, had my fairytale Disney proposal, and finally came to the realization that the whole $35K thing just ain't gonna to fly.

Okay, okay I'll admit that I still buy bridal magazines (I figure that after January I'll never get to again so might as well do it now!) to thumb through. After all, the featured weddings are pretty incredible--but I came to a realization last night about what I'm really learning from "The Knot" and "Brides."

I now present to you the seven things I've learned from wedding magazines. 

1.) Every bride must save room in her budget for a valet and calligrapher.

Umm, yeah I'll make sure to pay somebody to move somebody's car 10 feet and then write a guests address onto an envelope. Thanks for reminding me. 

2.) Some wedding gown designers only cater to size 0 women. 

Since I couldn't even fit my right foot into one of those dresses, I will take my size 6 booty elsewhere.

3.) Not everyone's wedding day is happy.

So many questions and thoughts with this one.. why is she just chilling outside with a sheet? Why is she slouching? Is her dress supposed to be that color or did that happen when she ran around the scary forest behind her? And why is she so sad? The world may never know. 

4.) The best way to save on flowers is to get whats in season or grow your own. 

Or just go with silk ones which makes the most sense to me.

5.) When you buy a wedding magazine, you're paying for more ads than you are for actual articles.

This one goes without further explanation. 

6.) There is such a thing as wedding insurance and apparently I need to buy it.

Okay, I can only afford one type of insurance.. so I guess I better drop my auto so I can buy wedding insurance. What's the worst that can come from that?

I have a picture just like this of my friends and me at my NYC bachelorette party.
7.) The best bachelorette parties happen in posh NYC, glorious Cancun Mexico, or fabulous Las Vegas.

Okay, maybe I'm just jealous of all these extra luxuries (minus numbers 3 and 7--you DON'T have to go to New York) and I will probably still buy and read bridal magazines for the next two and a half months.. I just feel that weddings this day and age have gotten so blown of proportion and that the true meaning/importance of a wedding and marriage are getting buried under all the unnecessary extravagances.

I'm just beyond blessed and excited to be marrying the man of my dreams--and that is something you can't find in a wedding magazine.

But I do still want a photobooth..


  1. We just went to a reception that had a photo booth, and it was the biggest hit! I would love to have you stop by 'Or so she says...' today and share some of your great ideas with my readers! The 'Your Great Idea' link party runs every Sat through Tuesday. Hope to see you there!

  2. Cute... and I heartily agree about what's become of weddings. The meaning is lost on much of this generation. My lesson learned about weddings (and this comes from going to them all the time, not from the magazines) is that guests should not have to wait for cake. And when cake is served (preferably before half the people have left without getting any) coffee should already be in the cups. Both together. It's that simple.

  3. What a fun read. I've been married for 5 years and I still buy wedding magazines now and then, just to look at the pictures. Some of the things are ridiculous... Mine was nothing like any of those. It was mostly diy with a couple of close friends and family. Nothing fancy. It's nice to imagine though!

  4. What!? You're not splurging for a valet!? *gasps in horror* This made me laugh! My entire wedding was about $6000 for everything, including the dress. And I would not have loved it more if it had cost $35k
    Found your blog from I [heart] Nap Time =)

  5. I love looking at bridal magazines, but now my favorite is to watch shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings so I can see how outrageous people are with their weddings and then compare it to mine which was a total of about $10,000 including my dress (which was less than $100) and I still like mine better.

    Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! Sorry for the late comment/visit!

  6. I'm a few months late, and your wedding day must be right around the corner, but wanted to comment anyway-this is a really good post! I really like your number 3 picture, and the thoughts that go with it. lol
    Even the cost of my wedding 19 years ago was much less than what I heard others had paid, and you are right-really, even tho we all would like it to be a very special day, the marriage-ever-after is what really counts.
    I now have two adult daughters, and I'm thankful for Pinterest! We are gonna be scoping that site out when their times come!
    Best wishes! God bless!


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