Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our Honeymoon via Instagram (and a HUGE Target giveaway!!)

How were we able to manage before smart phones?


If we didn't have our smart phones, how could we constantly stalk those we know and love (okay, and those we don't know or don't love..), shoot irritated red birds into structures and watch youtube videos whenever our hearts desire?

Or Instagram.

I LOVE Instagram.

So much so that I continually updated our friends and family on our whereabouts during our honeymoon (because I like to think that my Instagram is constantly checked.. that's normal, right?).

I now present to you B's and my honeymoon via instagram!

Awaiting our flight to Orange County--we enjoy getting a little 'half baked' before we fly (har har).
Night one: Pizza, HGTV and laying in bed doing absolutely nothing--heaven!
I have to "rock chalk" now that I'm married to a KU fan.
Soul food break at Disney Land.
I mustache you if you like the adorable bracelet I scored for a buck?!
Chilling with the Simpsons sibs at Universal Studios!
The most amazing salad EVER at Bubba Gump Shrimp--I'm going to work on a copycat recipe soon!
Brandon's appropriate latte.
Headed to Santa Monica for the day!
Santa Monica Pier.
Silly seagull.
Sugar and smut before the flight home.
Betcha can't guess where we were!
Thank you for humoring me by sitting through my pictures! And now, the reason you're here..

The lovely Beth from Through the Eyes of the Mrs. has organized a HUGE Target gift card giveaway!

How huge?

Umm, $125 huge!

I'm sure you know what you'll already spend it on, so enter now!! Good luck!

Please Note that you must be a follower of Through the Eyes of the Mrs.
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