Wednesday, February 13, 2013

7 Unique Date Ideas

Tomorrow is Valentines Day!

Do you and your honey have any plans?

No? Then you've come to the right place!
Yes? Well, you're here anyway so you might as well hang out awhile!

If you're not into the whole dinner/movie date (I mean, it's great from time to time.. but you gotta admit it gets old after awhile..), here are some fun and unique (and mostly inexpensive!) alternatives.

1.) Go Furniture Perusing/Shopping
Okay, just hear me out on this one.. It's actually really fun to go furniture shopping with your husband. Looking around at different furniture and bedroom sets, wall hangings, etc. will arouse conversation about personal style and might even inspire the two of you to do some redecorating (or a fun DIY project)!

2.) Read Together
When Brandon and I were dating, we would joke around about how we never wanted to be the couple that lays in bed reading every night. Fast forward about a year and, surprise! We're that couple (but in our defense, we don't read the same book)! We quickly discovered that it's the perfect way to unwind after a long day--it's quiet, it gives us a chance to just be together and it helps us to learn and grow even more. Brandon is usually reading an autobiography of some sort (it could be Steve Jobs or a military hero) and will stop reading to recap interesting tidbits to me. And then I'll return the favor by catching him up on my 'Fifty Shades of Gray' (ha, kidding.. kind of). 

3.) Visit an Amusement Park or Carnival
..because you wind up with flattering pictures like this. And because it gives you two a chance to kick back and act like kids again!

4.) Visit an Off-Road Tourist Attraction
If you're a regular here at Annie One Can Cook, you may remember Brandon's and my Genoa Tower adventure (if not, you can read the story here). It was probably the most bizarre 30 minutes of our relationship, but we can look back on this nightmare these memories and photos for years to come. The other great thing about small tourist attractions? The admission cost is typically next to nothing (it was $1 each in this case). 
Where else will you ever see a two-headed calf?
5.) Attend a Charity Event
A few months ago, my sweet boss was nice enough to give B & me tickets to a formal fundraiser charity event (that she was unable to attend). By going to the event, we were able to meet and chat with some prominent community members, eat delicious cuisine, sip on refreshing wine and give back to a local, worthwhile organization. We left feeling inspired and motivated to go out and do something good in the community.

6.) Visit a Bistro
Going out for dinner or lunch is okay (I guess..), but visiting a little bistro for an afternoon pick-me-up is wayyyy better. If you've ever been to a bistro or caffè, you know the atmosphere is typically quaint, intimate and quirky--perfect for a little afternoon getaway with your sweetie (not to mention they typically have the best coffee and tea)!
Last I checked, Starbucks coffee doesn't come with designs or in a cool, over sized mug.. Just sayin'.
7.) Go Thrifting
 Do it Macklemore style: Go to your local Goodwill/thrift store with $20 each and see who can come out with the best finds (you can switch it up by shopping for home decor, novelty items, clothes, etc.). The loser gets coffee at the cute bistro mentioned above!

I hope these ideas inspire you and your significant other to go out on a unique date tomorrow! 


  1. Great ideas! Found you on Southern Lovely Link party. This was fun to read especially since I just got done posting on "50 date nights at home", this is a great list for when we leave the house!

    You can see my list at

  2. Fun list! And a few of my faves! We go furniture browsing often, no really to buy anything, of course sometimes we do, but we find it oddly fun to look and stroll around, test couches and dining tables. Also, thrifting and reading, regular favorites!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Great ideas! I'd like to invite you to link up to Show and Tell Saturday at Sassy Little Lady!


  4. Great ideas indeed! I have to go back in time and remember how life was before! Thanks for the post, came from the Sassy Little Lady Party! Have a great week!


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