Friday, February 15, 2013

A Hottie Soldier, Strep Throat, Homemade Ornament, Breaking Bad & The Greatest V-Day Ever!

Okay, so I probably don't have strep.

I have a tendency of self diagnosing myself.. Typically, I diagnose what I have as the plague but as of now, I just have a really terrible sore throat, earache and occasional fever (just an FYI--the plague is when you have a cough that keeps you up all night, runny nose, sore throat and fever). Hopefully it doesn't get any worse.. we shall see.

Despite being sick, this Valentine's Day was the best Valentine's I have ever had (and no, I don't say that every year).

Here's how the day went:

B and I slept in (which was fabulous)--I always wake up before he does so I came downstairs, made some tea and caught up on a little blogging. Once he woke up, it was gift time!

Let me know if you get the shirt reference..
Chocolate covered bacon (I also got him a thermos--not pictured)!
Ignore the sick looking face and the mess behind me (we're getting ready to move so our place is a wreck..)--Brandon got me new earphones!
This one made me tear up..
..I have a thing where I have to buy a different ornament each Christmas that commemorates our year.. Brandon made one for 2013 with flowers from our wedding bouquet and boutineer flowers, a wine cork from our head table and parts of our ceremony program. Ooooh, I love that guy!
B also made biscuits and a really spicy gravy (that felt amazing on my throat!) for breakfast. Yum!!
My Valentine's Day attire--I was contemplating wearing sweats to work but decided I needed to dress for the holiday!
Brandon had to work until 10 and I figured I shouldn't cook (so I wouldn't spread whatever plagues me) so I went and picked up sushi for dinner and set the table for the occasion.

I got to use my cute Valentine's plates that I picked up at Goodwill for $.99 each!
We don't have a dining room table.. we don't have room for one. So I decorated our card table with a leftover wedding 'tablecloth' and some candles.. fancy schmancy!
We had such a nice time sipping on beer (B) and hot tea (me), listening to Frank Sinatra and chatting by candlelight. It.Was.Perfect.
What did you do for Valentine's this year??

Party, Party, I like to Party

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  1. if your sore throat feels like someone is squeezing your neck it may be strep! feel better soon.


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