Friday, February 8, 2013

Married Thrifting (Macklemore Style)

Brandon and I both had Wednesday afternoon off, so you know what that means..

A couple of newlyweds..

An afternoon alone with nothing to do and nowhere to be..

You know what I'm talking about..

We went to Goodwill to take the 100% unofficial Macklemore challenge!

Brilliant idea by Young House Love!
That's right folks, we went and popped some tags with $20 in our pockets!

I love being married to a hot guy who humors me by taking pictures in front of Goodwill.
Our Goodwill is always picked over and never stocked well but we were excited for this--my best friends husband graduates from PT school next year and now we know what to get him.
This was my big buy for the day--seriously, how cute are these?! I got the red, blue, yellow and green one for $4! Perfect for the Valentines tea party that I dream of one day hosting.. sigh.
Brandon's big find--it's so pretty! He's going to fix it up a bit and re-stain it and then we're going to set it in the entryway of our new home with a little round table. Best part? It was only $9.99!
We ended up only spending $14 but we're happy with our purchases.

We also stumbled upon a better thrift store yesterday..

I LOVE this. I need to go back and buy it for the sitting room we're getting!
So pretty!
We didn't buy anything at the newly discovered thrift shop because I was gung ho about spending our money at Goodwill.. but we're definitely going back. Soon.

Have you taken the Macklemore challenge yet? What treasures did you find?

Party, Party, I like to Party


  1. Great finds, I especially love the chair.
    Angie G.

  2. How fun is this, I am so going thrifting this weekend!

  3. Ha ha you guys are too funny. That song makes me laugh. I actually listened to the words for the first time yesterday and I love the part that says something about stealing your grandpa's style.

  4. I love, love, love thrift stores...especially good ones! I found a cute vintage suitcase the other day at Goodwill!

  5. Love it! Now I have the song stuck in my head, though! :) Glad you found another thrift shop too!

  6. You should definitely go back and get that sofa. Have fun thrifting.

  7. I warning you -once you start thrifting, you cannot stop! Loved your bargains! I pop some tags whenever I can.


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