Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Funnies

Oh, I have so much to write and catch you all up on..

..but there is no time today.

We moved all of our big furniture into the new place and are now beginning to slowly move over the rest. It has been a very busy day. Especially for Brandon who had to be at a work meeting at 7 this morning.

I worked for a couple of hours today so I was able to take a break from it.

Moving. Yuck.

Anyway, happy Good Friday! I figured I'd share some funny pictures/videos to get the weekend rolling.

Enjoy--and have a very blessed Easter! Take time to reflect on the true meaning of the day.

Probably my favorite commercial of all time.



  1. Definitely need the laughs today! ~ Michelle

  2. Ah!!! Congrats on getting into a new home! I have so much catching up to do with you!! Love all the funnies. Those bunny pics are histerical. Why do they have to make the head/mask so scary?! No wonder kids friek! Landon and I enjoyed the video, we both got a good laugh out of it :) LOVE the new design, looks great girl! Ok, I'll be back this weekend to catch up with you!

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