Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Day in the Life of Annie (& Bitsy the Cat)

Life has slowed down quite a bit these last few weeks.. a little too much if you ask me.

I haven't been able to work, drive, or really even move since two Sundays ago because of my freaking back (I'll write a post about my ridiculous back issues next week). I've had to adapt to my injury and adopt a new routine but I'm starting to get it down.

So without further ado, I present to you a day in the life of me (and Bitsy).

4:00 AM
Wake up from back pain and work to get re-situated and comfortable.

5:30 AM
Wake up from back pain and work to get re-situated and comfortable.

6:50 AM
Wake up, check my social media and read the news, wait for Brandon to wake up.

7:20 AM
Brandon wakes up and begins getting ready for work, I lie in bed trying to convince myself to get up and put my ice pack in the freezer.

7:35 AM
Brandon leaves for work. 

7:35:30 AM
Bitsy comes into room to see why I haven't gotten up yet.

7:37 AM
I attempt rolling out of bed.

7:39 AM
My feet finally touch the floor--Hunched over, I walk to the kitchen, put ice pack in freezer, start coffee, put oatmeal in microwave, walk to bathroom, brush teeth, walk back to bedroom and put on sweats, eat oatmeal, grab coffee.

7:45 AM
It's finally time to start heading downstairs.

7:47 AM
I made it downstairs!
7:48 AM
Turn heating pad on, feed and water Bitsy.

7:55 AM
Sit down, play with Bitsy, read blogs, drink coffee.

A mouse on a string--hilarity ensues.
9:00 AM
 Turn on "Breaking Bad."

9:45 AM
Fall asleep.

10:15 AM
Wake up from back pain, find myself in an awkward and uncomfortable position, realize it's because Bitsy is taking up entire seat.

10:15:15 AM
Start petting Bitsy so she'll wake up, receive death glare, get us re-situated, fall back asleep.

Couch hog..
11:00 AM
Wake up, do an old lady shuffle upstairs, put soup in microwave, make tea, eat soup, take ice pack out of freezer, head back downstairs.

11:15 AM
Sit on couch, turn on more "Breaking Bad," watch Bitsy clean herself, work on a huge Policy paper (side note: it's actually really interesting; I'm researching/writing about whether or not bloggers should be paid), wake Bitsy up because she's sleeping on my leg and it's starting to hurt, work on huge Capstone project, turn on next episode of "Breaking Bad," pet Bitsy, see whose on "Katie" and then decide whether or not I want to watch.

They go pretty hand in hand..
4:00 PM
Brandon comes home from work, we sit around and talk, check to see if any Duck Dynasty reruns are on (there usually are), Brandon tries to get Bitsy to come over to him, Bitsy leaves the room, catch up on blogs and eat dinner.

9:00 PM
Watch whatever show is on that night (Tuesday is "Cougar Town," Wednesday is "Duck Dynasty," Friday is "Rock Center").

9:30 PM
Feed and water Bitsy, clean litter box, give Bitsy treats.

9:37 PM
Head upstairs and start getting ready to bed: wash face, put on pajamas, get ice pack out of freezer, set up pillows in bed.

10:00 PM
Turn on "Conan."

We love our Conan--so much so that we went to see the show during our honeymoon (and got to be on TV)!
10:15 PM
Bitsy comes upstairs to see what I'm doing (I'm in bed, like always..), does something adorable to distract me, jumps up on bed, gets off bed as soon as I snap fingers.

10:16 PM
Show Bitsy that her comfy kitty bed is next to the bed (the same place it always is).

10:16:10 PM
Bitsy sniffs bed, gives me weird look and decides she'd rather sit at the top of the stairs than lay in her bed.

10:45 PM
Brandon comes upstairs and watches rest of Conan with me.

11:00 PM
Start reading; right now I am perusing the latest "Better Homes & Gardens" for decorating tips/ideas.

11:30 PM
Fall asleep.

Annnndddd.. repeat. 

Hopefully I'll be up and moving again soon.. as exciting as my days are, I'm ready to once again be a productive member of society.

Party, Party, I like to Party


  1. The most shocking thing is that it only takes Brandon 15 minutes from wake up to leaving. J can barely do half an hour when I get up and help, silly man. Granted, he's up at 5:30 to do it so I guess that's a little to blame.

  2. Sounds difficult! I have been hobbling around and sleeping a lit to so I kind if relate!!

  3. Hey, new follower from the Aloha Friday blog hop. Aw, your kitty is adorable! Looking forward to reading more of your blog. :)



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