Monday, April 15, 2013

Denver Bachelorette Party Recap

Monday is usually the day I recap my weekend.

However, I did nothing this weekend.

Seriously, nothing.

My back is still killing me so on Saturday, Bitsy and I sat around watching Breaking Bad. Then on Sunday, Brandon, Bitsy and I sat around watching Breaking Bad.

So instead of posting a bunch of adorable pictures of Bitsy, I've decided to share pictures and stories from my bachelorette party in Downtown Denver (you lucky, lucky people)!

My wonderful MOH and best friend, Jen, organized a fabulous night for the girls! She booked a suite for us at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Denver and made all the girls really cute goody bags (that I wish I had taken pictures of) complete with beads and candy--she also made sure I was blinged out with a bachelorette sash and flashing ring!

Oh, I so wish I would have taken more pictures of the hotel and room, but I didn't.. so I figured these pictures from Trip Advisor would suffice.

Here are some shots of the bachelorette babes getting ready in our sweet suite. Jen, Lore and Erin are all from the Denver area and my friends Abby and Mal drove in from Kansas.

After we finished getting ready, it was time to head to dinner at Lodo's in Downtown. It was amazing! The weather couldn't have been better (this was back in August) and we had a fantastic view of Coors Field (the home of my Rockies!).

The taxi ride over to Lodo's (L to R: Me, Lore and Jen). We pre gamed a bit at the hotel so there was a lot of giggling in the cab.

There was lots and lots of drinking and laughing at dinner.. Jen and I shared a gigantic order of chicken nachos and they were perfection!

Abby & Jen vs. Lore & Mal in bean bags.

Lingerie part-ay!

My momma and Aunt Nancy came out and joined us for dinner! They are both so special to me.

I love these girls so much!

After dinner, it was time for dancing (and more drinking..)--so we headed across the street to the Tavern and continued the party.

The night via Instagram.

At one point, we all realized we were absolutely exhausted and figured it must be close to 2am; so we checked our phones and it was only 10:30. We had started the night waaayyy too early (like, 6 hours too early) so we just went on back to the hotel and ordered pizza. 

By the time our pizzas arrived (jalapeno and pepperoni, oh yeah!), Jen, Abby and I were the only three still awake--between the three of us, we destroyed those pizzas.

Here's a quick overview of everything I didn't mention above (that isn't locked away, girl code style):
  • My friends are the absolute best!
  • I bought a really expensive, terrible tasting burrito from a lady standing outside of one of the bars.. I'm guessing that's what made me violently ill later that night (because it couldn't have been the alcohol!).
  • Jack Nicholson came to my bachelorette party?! Oh wait, those pictures are of me.. yikes.
  • Jen and I slept in the same bed and stayed up for hours and hours talking and laughing (just like the good old days!).
  • After arriving back at the room, we heard a knock on the door and got super excited because we thought it was the pizza guy; it wasn't.. it was some guy saying we'd invited him to a party (which never happened). I gave him my best "wow, you're stupid and I don't know you" look and closed the door.
  • I almost had an emotional breakdown the next morning when my aunt's parking pass got stuck in the parking garage machine (2 hours and 10 phone calls later, I was able to finally retrieve it).
Since Nancy and Britney (Brandon's mom and sister) were unable to attend, they threw me a surprise bachelorette party a few weeks before the wedding!

Lots and lots of shots (I hardly drink or go out but when I do, I drink whiskey.. and boy, does that sucker have a bite to it).

I seriously couldn't have asked for better in laws! I love them to death!!

I am seriously one lucky girl to have such amazing women in my life! I wish everyday could be bachelorette party day (minus the drinking--I don't think I can drink that much ever again)!

Party, Party, I like to Party



  1. Aren't bachelorette parties the best?! Looks like a great time!

  2. Oh my gosh that looked like so much fun! Ironically I've never been to one except my own and I'm 30! Maybe my GF's will get married one day. lol

    Recent Post: Evy's Tree Giveaway on the ole blog!


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