Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Funnies (and My Fractured Back)

Ooh, woe is me today.

My back has been giving me tons of problems these last few weeks and I finally went to the doctor yesterday and discovered that I have a pinched nerve, stress fracture and age deformity (say what?!). Lame, lame, lame!

Anyway, I found this gem of funny pic collection to share with you today. It gave me a good chuckle and I hope it does the same for you!

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

I have to start with this one (if you follow me on Instagram, you've already heard this story so just keep scrollin'). On Friday night, my phone went off to alert me of a new email--I checked it and apparently Tony had started following me on Pinterest. "Wow!" I thought. "This is cool.. my dad must have gotten on Pinterest." I opened the email and discovered this. I will have nightmares for years to come if this is my dad..



  1. Lol I love the TV one. I laughed so hard.

  2. Absolutely love these! You are awesome! :)

  3. pretty funny! aside from the back thing of course! how do you fix a fractured back?


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