Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Little Bundle of Joy

Remember my birthday recap post about the saddest birthday story ever? I'm happy to report that the story ended up having a happy ending!

Brandon and I have been wanting to get a pet forever so we went to the humane society on my birthday to adopt a cat. We looked at all the cats and instantly fell in love with Bitsy, a 9-year-old female who was "looking for a second chance." She was described as "very shy at first but very sweet."

We talked with the volunteer and learned that Bitsy was previously owned by an elderly couple who had recently passed away (within one week of each other). Nobody else had been looking at her since she was an older cat and we were the first to show any interest. That was all I needed to hear. Bitsy needed a good, quiet home and we could offer her that!

Buttttttt.. we found out our landlord preferred we didn't get a cat. I. was. heartbroken.

I snapped these photos on my phone right after we met this adorable face.. every time I looked at them, I would tear up. I was so worried about this poor cat who was without a home.. she had been living at the humane society for 3 weeks now and we were the first to show any interest? It wasn't sounding too good for Bitsy.

So I cried. And prayed. And sniffled. And laid awake thinking about her.

That's when I made the decision that we were getting Bitsy no matter what.

And we did.

We picked this precious face up on Saturday and brought her to her new home! She was extremely shy at first and wouldn't come out of the storage room (where we have her litter box and table w/food and water) but is slowly starting to warm up to us and explore the house a bit.

She has a favorite place under the couch where she goes to be alone and sleep. If I put my hand under, she will come right over to be pet (which is what is happening in this picture). We're giving her space for now and are hoping she'll warm up to us more in the coming days.

On our first day with Bitsy, we thought we lost her in the ceiling (we went to church, came back, checked the storage room, panicked when she wasn't there, decided she had hopped to the top shelf and made her way into the ceiling which resulted in Brandon and my dad pushing up ceiling tiles and searching around with flashlights. She was behind the hot water heater the entire time. I'm sure she was sitting there wondering how she got so lucky to have us adopt her..). On the second day, she got stuck in the couch and needed help getting out. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!

Stay tuned for more stories.

Party, Party, I like to Party



  1. Yayyyyy!!!! So happy you ended up with her after all!!

  2. you rock! I'm so glad you went back to get her!! I wouldn't have been able to walk away either. She's super cute and so is this story!

  3. Your story brought tears to my eyes...yay for you going back to get her! We have a sweet kitty name Tigger...she is our entire WORLD & we are hers...she was an orphan & we got her at 4 weeks & had to bottle feed her-she is now 4 & 1/2. She doesn't think she is a kitty & my heart aches at thinking of what would happen to her if something happened to us. Your story gives me hope that someone would be kind hearted like you & be willing to give an older kitty like ours a second chance. I am a new follower...found you through Chic on a Shoestring's blog!

  4. I'm so happy you adopted her! When we got our cat Hazel, she was 6 years old (she's now 10) and we were specifically looking for an older cat since their chances of being adopted out are much less.

    Your story about her hiding behind the water made me LOL since the day after we brought Hazel home, we couldn't find her at all. I had looked over at my boyfriend and said, "We GOT the cat, right?"

    Turns out she had decided to hide behind the stove of all places (we were renting in an older building and there was a gap between the stove/cabinets)!

    I'm pretty sure Bitsy will start roaming the house and jumping on everything like she owns the place, lol.

  5. Bitsy sure has found a wonderful home to spend her golden years in! She looks a bit like my Melody, who is about the same age. Our kitties are 'tortoise-shell tabbies'! Melody and her sister Nutmeg (a tuxedo) are rescues, too. They are my baby girls! (PS--the cat I had before them lived to be 20!)

  6. What a sweet and cute cat! So glad you rescued her! We have a few rescue cats that we found outside as strays. It always takes a while for them to warm up, but eventually they do.

  7. She is SO adorable! I look at the older pets. They need a home, too. The younger ones are easier to find homes for, but not the older ones. :( I'm happy you brought her home! She's truly adorable!

  8. Sweet story. My cat Olivia was deserted around my neighborhood. She showed up at my door starving, skinny. She was so sweet though and since I didn't have any cat food I gave her some dog food which she ate up. I decided (although I am allergic) I would keep her. It took her to the vet and found out she was over a year old. How could someone desert her? It is 3 years later and Olivia is happy and content living in our home with all the food she needs. She is so affectionate and what I call a Lap cat. You are so wonderful to adopt your kitty and she is adorable. :-)

  9. And how did you get around the problem with the landlord? Or doesn't he know yet? Or he didn't actually say no to a cat, just preferred that you didn't get one? Loophole!!

    We are currently without pets, having lost several in the last few years. They had good long lives. But we don't like being without a furry friend to cuddle and take care of. Once we move and get settled, we'll be on the lookout for two older cats and a dog.

    It won't take long before she'll be jumping up on your lap or your bed and purring away!!

  10. I am so happy you and Bitsy found each other! Cats are such special companions.

  11. Such a cutie! Our cat is like part of the family, so I know you'll enjoy spending time with her. I'm visiting from Craft-O-Maniac.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  12. Awww. So glad you rescued her. I also have rescued a few cats (their stories are on my blog) from this feral cat colony outside. One was not doing well and would have died. I am so grateful for people out there who care about these animals too. Stopping by from Kathe with an E's link up!

  13. this warms my heart! i'm so glad you have her...we adopted our cat, who is now 9, and i hate the thought that she's an older cat now. where does the time go?!?! she looks like such a sweetie. enjoy each other!

  14. You have done the best thing ever to adopt an older cat! Bitsy is indeed lucky to have you and before long will love you so unconditionally you won't ever let her go!
    Hugs, Linda

  15. So glad you were able to rescue her! It's sad to see older pets at the shelters. It's sad to see any pets at the shelters. I hope your landlord doesn't freak or find out about her! But who could resist that adorable face?

    Thanks for stopping by Marvelous Mondays. Have a fantastic week!


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