Monday, April 29, 2013

The Best Weekend Ever (Warning: Contains Nudity!)

You guys/girls, guess what?!

I actually did something this weekend and have something to post about today!! Betcha didn't see that coming..

It was a wonderful weekend--definitely the best I have had in a long time. My back still hurts but it isn't nearly as bad before so I'm able to get out, drive and work which is wonderful! But even better? My mom and her best friend (my Auntie Sharon) came to visit for the weekend! We had such a wonderful time and I am again reminded of just how blessed I am to have this life.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story..


 photo art_zpsa2f40e0d.jpg
Four times a year, the town we live in hosts an art gallery walk around the downtown area featuring local artists (something that I love about the town we live in is that there is such a big push for the arts)--and not only is there art, there is free wine and food at every stop--it's such a fun event! Abby and I walked around together and had a great time perusing and visiting.

WARNING: Next photo contains nudity!!!!

 photo photo7_zpsd1484407.jpg
Abby and I got the biggest kick out of these two ladies--they were fascinated with this picture. At one point, the gal on the left even pulled out a magnifying glass to get a better look at the "art." Too funny!

  photo photo_zpsceceef95.jpg
This precious face laid in bed with me on Saturday morning when my back was hurting--we were patiently waiting for the girls to arrive!

 photo girls_zpsc1b7b402.jpg
When the girls arrived it was time for lunch so we went to my favorite bar/restaurant--the girls had margaritas and burgers and I sipped on water and had my ushe (slang for "usual" which is chicken nachos with jalapenos).

 photo photo8_zps8132a8f7.png
After lunch, it was time for a little antiquing! My back was bothering me so I rested on a comfy chair while the girls shopped the Scottish antique store.

 photo food_zps60cfa537.jpg
We attended church after antiquing and then returned to our place for supper. Brandon came home from work shortly after so we all sat around chatting while dinner was cooking--I made a delicious and moist wine chicken with potatoes and vegetables for supper with my new beer roaster (side note: I have a new favorite kitchen gadget!). Then for breakfast on Sunday, I made my artisan flat bread and served it with mangoes and preserves.


 photo morris_zps70ef6384.jpg
After the girls left on Sunday morning, I went to work for a couple of hours and covered Morris the cat's 25th birthday party (can't you tell he's excited?!)--Morris is the local Humane Society mascot and has lived there for over 15 years. I seriously have the most fun job ever! 

Well, that wraps up my fabulous weekend--how was yours?



  1. It sounds like your weekend was a blast! Love the shot of the ladies taking in the nudes, lol.

  2. Free wine and food? Count me in next year!
    Morris is awesome.

  3. sounds fun! that is too funny about the magnifying glass!


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