Tuesday, April 16, 2013

(Thrifty) Spring Fever

Ah, spring.

April showers bringing in the May flowers (although we seem to be getting more April blizzards..), the sun rising sooner and staying out later, fragrant cherry blossom trees.. Anyway, you get the point.

With all of that being said, it's time to do some spring cleaning.. and decorating!!

Decorating for the season doesn't need to be pricy--so before heading over to a department store, why not check out your local thrift shop?!

This cute little arrangement resides on our front porch--I bought the adorable "Welcome to our Nest" sign for $1.99 at the Salvation Army and the gnome planter for $1.49 at Goodwill.

Look at this beautiful gazebo that the fabulous Goodwill Gal made from a metal bird cage! How beautiful would this be hanging next to your front door (the best part? She spent a whole $4.79 on it!)?

There is just something about spring cleaning that makes a person want to redecorate--so why not do what Mandy did and make a fun and unique gallery wall with thrifted fabrics and hoops?!

What a beautiful spring centerpiece for any table! Apartment Therapy suggests using thrifted wine glasses along with a small bunch of blooms.

If you're a regular reader, you know that I love anything tea related--sooo this was most definitely love at first sight. A contributor at Thrifty Fun made this quirky and colorful garden totem pole from items she thrifted and picked up at garage sales.

Spring decorating is only half the fun.. what about the fabulous spring fashions?! Yes, you can also thrift your fashionable threads! 
My mamma and me (by the way, that's not Big Foot in the background; it's my dad!)
 Colored skinnies are in--and you can easily find them on your next thrifting adventure! I picked up these purple skinnies for $7 and the top for $1.99 at Goodwill.

Cool and calming mint is one hot and popular color this spring--so hot that it could burn a hole into your savings! But never fear--my friend ThriftDee has found an affordable (and oh so stylish!) way to rock the look with threads she picked up at Goodwill.

Pastels scream spring! Okay, maybe not scream (they are subtle colors, after all).. but you get what I'm saying. How cute and spring-y is this outfit from Chictopia?! The whole ensemble was thrifted!

This adorable ensemble comes straight from Savers website. Love. it.

Emerald was named the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year--and you can rock it on a budget! I have complete thrift envy over this beautiful vintage dress that Cassie Stephens found.. Well done, girl!

I hope this post inspires you to go on a little thrifting adventure of your own--once Brandon gets home from work, I'm going to see if he'll drive me to G-Dub and push me around in a wheelchair (okay, I don't need a wheelchair.. but I am not supposed to drive so I legitimately do need a ride!).

Party, Party, I like to Party



  1. wow! These are all such cute projects/outfits! I wish I was better at thrifting... I like to browse but never find anything on my own. I'll have to try harder!

  2. There's a thrift store in Newton (The Etc Shop, I think) that always has the best random fabrics and notions. They aren't great for clothes or whatnot (hello, it's Newton), but I loved going for the vintage stuff. AND they have women weaving blankets for charity in the store, it's so cool to watch if you're ever driving through.

  3. the gnome planter is such a fun find! love his chubby cheeks and happy smile.

  4. I have no thrift store here in PR... But when I go to Fl, one of my days will be go to one!

    Thanks for sharing! Came here fron Shine on Fridays!

  5. Thank you for the inspiration - I love the gnome planter!

    Hugs, Smiles & Blessings,
    Fluster Buster
    Creativity Inspired by Frustration


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