Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What a Poser (the Wedding Party Pictures)

I have more wedding pictures to show ya (YAY--right?!)!

These are all of our wedding party and family pictures. The cathedral we were married in was nothing short of incredible, but it was still important to Brandon and me that we got a few fun shots in a different location.

The high on January 5th was 30 degrees (brrr..) with lots of snow on the ground--so we quickly ruled out outdoor photos. Instead, we hopped on our party bus and headed to Brandon's office (a beautiful, modern brick building).

I'll stop talking now and let the pictures do the talking.

Okay, I have to start off with this one (I didn't get it back from the photographer until late last week)--seriously, how lucky am I to have married such a good looking soldier?! I am so blessed!

Our beautiful family pictures.

I love that we were able to get pictures with just us and our parents--I had these printed for our gallery wall.

(Clockwise from L to R) Brandon and Mamma Nancy (who I'm sure you all recognize by now :); Brandon and his wonderful stepmother, Val; Brandon and his dad, Bryan (love him!); and Joey (the bro-ey) and me.

Brandon, Father Jeff and me; My gorgeous cousin, Megan (our reader), sweet Goddaughter, Emily (flower girl), nephew, Benjamin (ring bearer), Brandon and me.

Here are a few of the fun ones we did with the wedding party! Our photographer even took a few "behind the scenes" pics.. this..

..and these!

I was so happy our photographer was able to get some great extended family shots as well! On the left is my mom and her brother and three sisters and on the right is Mamma Nancy with her two brothers and sisters.

(Left) Brandon, Benny and me; (Right) the dapper Cody (one of our ushers), Brandon and me.

And now for our fun and unique wedding party shots!

Since we took the pictures in an office building, we were limited on space--but we made due with what we had! I actually really like the way these turned out; they are very modern and they reflect everyone's personalities (and varying heights!).

And then there was this one (taken via my iPhone)..

Ah yes, the Bridesmaids picture.. classic.



  1. Love it all!!!! Just saying brideamaid pose is my favorite!

  2. Love your dress!
    Thanks for sharing your awesome wedding pics.


  3. Still in love with your dress and the Bridemaids picture is awesome.

  4. Gorgeous!!! Love the bridesmaid pic! and the fun one!

    Came here from Shine on Fridays!

  5. These are awesome! I love the one with you leaning against the wall and he's looking at you. Such a beautiful picture :) And you gotta get the bridesmaids shot lol.. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Weekend Wonders and have a lovely day!

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  7. Beautiful pictures, Annie! I love the fun photos you took. The bridesmaids made it look effortless! Haha! If I have to pick a favorite out of these, the one with you leaning against the wall and looking at each other takes the cake. The love and happiness in that shot jumps out at you.


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