Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You Can Print Instagram at Walgreens for Cheap (& a DIY)?!

Seriously, where have I been?!

Before I begin this post, I should let you know that I am in no way, shape or form being compensated by Walgreens for this post--in fact, Walgreens has no idea that I exist or that I'm writing this post. I'm just overly stoked about my latest discovery. 

Like everyone else, I LOVE Instagram and have lots of pictures on my profile--but I have never taken the time to get online and order them. Now there is no need--you just download the Walgreens app, upload the pics you want, order, pick up and voila!

Annnnd just so you know, I found this coupon code for 40% your entire order; I'm not sure when it expires though so you may want to jump on it!

After picking them up, I knew what needed to be done: I needed to make magnets.

If you know me, you know that I don't have crafty bone in my body and couldn't do a DIY project to save my life (as demonstrated here)--so these magnets needed to be quick and simple enough that even I could do it.

Here's what I did:

Step One: Gather your Instagram prints.

Step Two: Attach two pieces of magnetic tape to back of pictures (I picked the tape up at Ace Hardware for about $3.50--it holds strong to the refrigerator and doesn't hurt the picture; in fact, you can easily peel it off if desired).

That's it. Not too difficult, right?

And now for the before pic of our fridge..

..and after!

I LOVE it! Since the pictures are printed on a firm photo paper, I don't have to worry about them bending if I move them.

Hope this inspires you to make your Instagram magnets. I paid $3.50 for the tape and $6.50 for 27 pictures--not too bad!! 

The worlds happiest refrigerator!

Party, Party, I like to Party


  1. very cool! the fridge looks great and it's good to know you can print from instagram at walgreens - that's where I print most of my regular sized prints!

  2. Walgreens is really good with randomly having a code for 24 free prints too!

  3. I love it! How often do we take scads of pics and never even look at them again. This is a great idea. Unfortunately for me I have a stainless steel fridge. I had no idea that magnets won't stick to this. Don't these manufactures know that that is the primary reason we even have a fridge! ;-) Love your little gallery. Blessings!


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