Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grad Girl (and a Few Summer Jams)

Well, it finally happened.

 photo DSC_0352_zps02d96f13.jpg
I finally got to wear my adorable red heels!!


And I graduated college!

 photo DSC_0415_zps37a1ac97.jpg
Walking across the stage to pick up my diploma.. can you spot the shoes??
Saturday was completely overwhelming and I didn't take ANY pictures (which is so weird for me!)--luckily, the school took pictures of us with our diplomas but I have yet to receive a copy.. so this is the only pic I have of my in my cap and gown.

Well, besides this gem that Brandon snapped..

 photo DSC_0356_zps40e33cc3.jpg
Thanks babe.
After graduation, Brandon and I hosted a nice lunch with my family, Brandon's mom, and her friend--we had such a fun time visiting (and eating!). Then throughout the afternoon, several friends stopped in to snack and gab. It was a laid back day which is exactly what this girl needed!


Do you know what that means? Besides unbearable heat and humidity?

It's time to crank up those summer jams!

Here are a few of my favorite summer tunes to get you started:

This will forever be my first and foremost summer jam--I took my last final early Thursday morning (like 5:30am early--Bitsy wouldn't let me sleep) and turned this on as soon as I finished. I'll blast this for my kiddos from preschool on.

This song takes me back to last summer when I was a hot shot intern in Denver.. I'd crank up the STPs to pump me up during my 3:00am commute across town.

This actually takes me back to the summer of my sophomore year of high school. It's catchy.

Summer+long road trips=Listening to "Nirvana: Unplugged" on a loop.

How can you not drop everything to dance to this song?

The first concert I ever attended was DCFC at Red Rocks (the summer of my sophomore year of college), so this takes me back.

A chill, shopping around a trendy downtown area song--am I right?!

Do any of my fellow millennials remember this?

This is also my fall, spring, and winter jam.

It's summertime; dancing days are most definitely here again.

What's on your summer jams list?


  1. Eek! I am so happy and excited for you that you graduated! :)

  2. Congrats!!! So happy for you! Those red shoes are hot!


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