Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby Mama Drama (Top 5 Meltdowns)

What is the deal with these insane pregnancy hormones?!

Good. Night.

Seriously, one second I'm giddy happy, making jokes and enjoying life..

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..and then the next second, I am freaking the eff out.

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This pregnancy has been a testament to the man my husband is.. no joke. I have never seen somebody so patient and loving as Brandon is when I'm making rude comments or crying hysterically over God knows what. I'm not even 3 months pregnant yet but I have had some pretty ridiculous breakdowns already--can't wait to see what the next 6 months have in store (ha)!

To show you just how bad it is, I'd like to share with you my top 5 pregnancy meltdowns (thus far):

5.) The "Bitsy Doesn't Like to be Held" Meltdown
My Baby.
A few weeks ago, we had some company over to visit and to see our new house. Something I've known right from the start about my bestie cat, Bitsy, is that she is shy when it comes to new people; whenever we have company, she hides or hangs out in her spot next to the couch. I hadn't seen her in awhile and knew she was hiding and figured that was just fine because I didn't want her to be scared. Fast forward a couple minutes and Bitsy was found and was being held by the company (against her will--she was not happy). I asked them to put her down because she doesn't like being held but they wouldn't and I started getting more and more upset, to the point where I finally just broke down and cried sobbed uncontrollably for 20 minutes. I finally calmed down and Bitsy was finally set down again but boy was she mad at me for the next few days. Poor, poor Bits.. (we're best friends/cuddle buddies again so all is forgiven!)

4.) The "Baby Mine" Meltdown
I need to start this off by saying I can't watch this video so if the quality is bad, I apologize.. The other day I was thinking about lullabies and trying to figure out if I knew any that I can sing to the baby and I thought of "Baby Mine" from Dumbo and what a sweet song it is.. then I started thinking about how Dumbo and his mom couldn't see each other because of those terrible clowns at the circus and how he could only see her trunk and I lost it for a good five minutes.. he just wanted his mom! 

3.) The "Humane Society Commercial" Meltdown
I'm noticing that Bitsy is a big cause for most (if not all) of my meltdowns.
I was driving to a shoot in the work car a couple of weeks ago when I heard a radio advertisement for our local humane society and how to adopt (I tried finding the audio or a transcript of it but am not having much luck!). It went something like this: 
Soft child's voice: "My mom has the funniest toys. There's this one that she's always looking at that has games on it and sometimes, she asks it for Chinese food. And then somebody brings her Chinese food! My mom is so smart. I just love her."
Man's Voice: Adopt a cat from your local animal shelter. They will love you forever. 
That made me think of when we first met Bitsy at the animal shelter and how lonely and sad she was.. and then the tears began rolling down my face.. *sigh*

2.) The "Hearing the Heartbeat for the First Time" Meltdown
Okay, that one was warranted. I still tear up every time I think about it. I'm finished talking about it.. 

1.) The "Injustices of the Holocaust" Meltdown
This one just takes the cake. I was in 4th or 5th grade when I first read The Diary of a Young Girl and learned of the horrifying and unimaginable Holocaust, so I have known about all the evil and inhumanity for close to 15 years now.. but when I read a few excerpts from her diary last week and started thinking about how evil and unjust the genocide was, I couldn't stop bawling. For close to an hour. I started trying to put myself into Anne's position (even though its hard to even begin to imagine) and I thought about how hard being a teenager is without having to hide away in an attic and how hard it must have been for her to leave her cat behind (this is where the sobs came in..). I was a mess.. 

Please tell me that I'm not the first person to go into constant hysterics during her first trimester of pregnancy! This is somewhat normal, right?!



  1. If you think you're hormonal now, just wait about 12 more weeks. It gets "interesting" to say the least! :-)

  2. hahaha I LOVE this post!! And yep the hormones only get more intense. I felt baby boy kick the first time during church and I was a blubbering mess!! Cant wait for you to experience that! I still get chills and tears hearing my boys heart beat!

  3. Oh you poor thing! My only 'meltdown' was when I made the poor decision to watch Marley and Me... worst idea ever. Sobbing. Thank goodness I was home alone! I do feel you with the mood swings though. I told James I felt like a crazy person because I am feeling any emotion I have to the fullest! If I'm happy, nothing can touch me. Sad, I am a complete wreck. Angry, you better stay out of the way, etc. Hope you get feeling more normal soon!!

  4. I definitely did the same my first trimester, though it seems to have gotten better (I'm 33 weeks and no longer hysterically crying at the last episode of Scrubs, though still tearing up during episodes of Stargate).

    My husband said the best advice he got was from a woman friend who said just to go with whatever a pregnant woman says. While whatever she is doing/feeling/demanding might seem insane, just go with it. She may even know its insane, but that logic has been overpowered by the hormones. He said it has made this whole pregnancy go much easier for him and usually helps calm me down too.

  5. A beer commercial made me cry not too long after Quinn was born. That's when I felt the most ridiculous.


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