Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Funnies

Another week has come to a close! Where it went, nobody knows (yes, I am a poet and you didn't even know it)!
Happy Father's Day to the tallest, hippest, funniest and best dad around--love you and I'm so excited to be spending a few days with you!

I have actually had a very good week and look forward to a fabulous weekend with family! I hope you all have a fun and restful weekend.. and don't forget to do something special for dad!!

I always have to have my feet covered with a blanket or socks for this same reason.


1 comment:

  1. I love these funnies - A LOT! <--- totally a pet peeve for me, I hate when I see it as one word. Which is like anytime I log onto twitter, or read a blog. (oh, I'm snarky tonight!)

    And, I never put my leg over the side of the bed. No way.


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