Monday, July 22, 2013

17 Week Bumpdate (Just Kidding.. I Don't Know How Far Along I Am!)

Wow, wow, wow.. what a week we had!

I'm going to skip the small talk and go straight to the bump date.
I still haven't cleaned the mirror.. the boxes that are behind me in all of these pictures are garage sale boxes.
How far along: Well.. I went to the doctor last week for an urgent sonogram (more on that in a second) and it said I was 15w4d (I thought I was 16w4d so that threw me off)--anyway, baby was very healthy and active and weighed in at over 6 oz, which means I'm actually 17 or 18 weeks along. The ultrasound tech made a comment about a possible January 1st due date (our original due date was January 5th) but the nurse we talked to was guessing Christmas day.. I have another appointment this afternoon so we'll find out more then.

Total Weight Gain/Loss
: My bathroom scale says I gained two pounds! I'll see if that's true at my appointment.

Maternity clothes: Nope.

Stretch marks: Noooo!

Sleep: I didn't sleep very well last week because of some shooting pain cramps in my lower abdomen--it was really hard to get comfortable.

Best moment last week: Seeing Baby for the first time and knowing he (or she!) is okay!! Like I said, I've been getting some painful shooting cramps and was worried that something was wrong with the little one (this is my first pregnancy so I never know what's normal and what's not). I called on Thursday, talked to a nurse who asked me to come for an ultrasound (my doctor and his staff had the day off so it was another doctor's nurse who saw me) met Brandon at the hospital and prayed. Baby was just fine--perfect, in fact! My cervix was fully closed so the nurse was saying the cramps were probably from baby growing/moving around; what a relief!

Movement: Not yet but after seeing how big and active Baby is, I figure it can't be too much longer!

Food cravings/aversions: I can't get enough artichoke hearts--yum!!

Gender: I tried to get the ultrasound tech to tell us but she wouldn't.. she said it was still too early to tell. Psh!

Labor signs: Nooo!

Belly button - in or out? Innie.

What I miss: Seeing my baby.. I wish everyday could be ultrasound day.

What I am looking forward to: Our doctors appt. later today--hopefully I'll get some more answers and find out a more accurate due date.

Milestones: Seeing our perfect little babe for the first time.


  1. Glad to hear everything is all good with your little one! January 1st is a great birthday, that's Abids birthday, so I'm a little bias. :)

  2. It seems so crazy that my wife and I are expecting at about the same time as you guys! At first her date was Dec. 26th but she also had an ultrasound and they think possibly the 24th now. Anyhow Congrats!

  3. If you ever want to randomly text someone with preggo questions, let me know! I'm currently fielding questions from my friend due in September and I'm happy to do it for you too, if you'd like :) Three out of the four people I know that are pregnant are having boys (and the fourth just isn't finding out) so I'm excited to find out if you're gonna have a boy or girl. Really glad the cramps weren't anything to be worried about :)

  4. did they say something like round ligament pain? I have heard that can feel worrisome but it is no big deal. besides it hurting of course. glad everything is good!


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