Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colorado Lovin', German Food & a Baseball Game

Last weekend was another successful one! But it almost didn't happen..

If you read yesterday's bumpdate, you know that I was having a difficult time sleeping earlier last week--I don't know what my deal was, but I couldn't stay asleep for anything which led to a bunch of crying/throwing up. Wednesday night was my worst night but luckily I had someone to take care of me..
Bitsy "helping" me sleep.
I was finally able to catch a few zzz's on Thursday morning and began to feel so much better. I was worried that I'd have to cancel my weekend trip to CO--but with a little rest, I was able to make the 3 hour trek Thursday afternoon. 

It was time for the fun to begin!

  • Mom and I headed to Denver late Friday morning and did a little mother/daughter shopping and lunching.
  • Arrived at Aunt Nancy and Uncle Rolf's at around 3ish--sat around and visited with Rolf until Nancy came home from work. 
  • Headed to the Rockies game and proceeded to consume half a (9 in.) pizza, half a cup of Dippin' Dots, some popcorn, a few nachos and a large lemonade. Whew! *We had to walk quite a ways to get back to our car so I didn't feel too bad about it*
  • Relaxed and watched a couple episodes of "Family Tree" back at their house before turning in to go to bed.
    My Aunt Nancy's sweet boss let us have his seats for the game--seriously, could it get any better than this?!
    Enjoying the game!
  • Woke up and headed to a local farmers market and German deli (where Nancy and Rolf bought the best German food I have ever tasted--more on that in a sec). 
  • Stopped by Andre's (my favorite) to pick up a few desserts.. ended up staying for lunch and the most fabulous beef tips and mashed potatoes in the world.
  • More "Family Tree" and naps. 
  • Ate dinner and visited with Jim and Ilsa, good friends of Nancy and Rolf's who have become good friends of our entire family (we had beer brats from Germany with real sauerkraut, a delicious avocado and tomato salad, Kohlrabi and leftover wedding cake). 
Saturday mornings at the farmers market are the best!
My mom bought this beautiful hibiscus plant--it smells heavenly!
The German deli in Cherry Creek.
Ooh, Andre's.. where do I even begin? It's a quaint little restaurant in the heart of Denver that serves the yummiest food you'll ever taste. Their lunch options on Saturday were chicken, pasta salad (not chicken pasta salad like we thought) & watermelon or beef tips, mashed potatoes & a salad. Mom got the chicken and the rest of us went with beef--so, so good. To top it off, we each had our own decadent dessert.
Dinner on the patio at Nancy and Rolf's--couldn't have asked for better food or company!
  • Hit the road back to my parents house early (so we'd get back in time for church). 
  • Helped my dad with the church music.
  • Lunch at IHop with Auntie Sharon and fam (minus Turin :/)--it's always good to see those guys!
  • 3 hour drive back to KS, Brandon and Bitsy. 
Bitsy missed me..

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