Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cool Sushi, Hot Husbands & a Colorful Run!

There just aren't enough days in the weekend..

I was planning on getting some furniture moved around the house and organizing the storage room but that all fell through because of work, bad sunburns (Brandon) and naps.. oh well.. there's always next weekend, right (ha)?

We had a really nice, quiet weekend at home. I worked both Saturday and Sunday mornings (which was fine because it doesn't feel like work!) and then the rest of the weekend was spent resting and spending time with friends--not too shabby!

Here is our weekend via pictures and bullet points.

  • Made Shrimp Fried Rice for the first time and it was amazing!
  • Sat around and moped because my Rock Center with Brian Williams was cancelled. 
  • Watched the first Ann Curry Reports-it was just okay.. I think Ann Curry is a stellar reporter and human being but she just isn't Brian Williams..
I'm going to have to post this recipe.. it tasted just like the fried rice you get at Chinese restaurants, has fewer calories and takes less than 10 minutes to make!
RIP Rock Center.
Oooh, you screwed the pooch on this one, NBC.. bring it back!
  • Did a news story about our local farmers market--I was very impressed with the vendors/layout! 
  • Napped. 
  • Hair, makeup and gossip sesh with Abby Sue. 
  • Sushi dinner double date with our hot and sweaty men (they worked all day landscaping Abby and Jason's backyard).
  • Solo "My Cat from Hell" marathon after Brandon fell asleep at 9pm. 
There was lots of delicious food and beautiful jewelry to purchase at the Farmers Market.
All set for our double date (Abby and I are both wearing Kiss everEZlashes, courtesy of Influenster--full review coming tomorrow)!
Hot men drinking cold beers.
Outfit shots!
Sooooo yummy (I wasn't able to try them all but all of the ones I could have were phenomenal)!
  • Did a news story about the first ever color run in western Kansas. 
  • Had terrible craving for a McDonalds breakfast bacon, egg & cheese sandwich but didn't make get off work until after they finished serving breakfast.. oh woe is me. 
  • Took a long nap.
  • Woke up from nap and made a game plan to get to McDonald's first thing in the morning so I don't miss out again (I got my butt to Mickey D's first thing Monday morning.. ooh it was good!).
  • Watched "Catfish the TV Show" in bed with Brandon--I'm saddened by the number of stupid and gullible people in this world.
  • Brushed Bitsy for the first time (she loved it and thought the brush was a toy!)
Fun run for a great cause!
(Okay, now that I can visually see Sunday's events, I realize it wasn't all that great.. but it was a nice change from spending hours in the car!)

I hope your weekends were all fun and eventful--my mom and Auntie Sharon are coming to visit today (YAY!) so I'll have that recap for you later this week.


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