Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mediocre Tilapia, Snakes and a Birthday.

Okay, the title of this makes my weekend sound lame but it was actually really fun!

On Friday night, my sweet friend Lindsey (who is also Abby's sister-in-law) called me from Wichita to inform me that she was coming to town and that she was bringing me Chipotle.
You only have to listen for about 10 seconds to get the point.. but if you want to keep playing it, be my guest!

Omg, it was seriously the best food night of my life. I took it to bed (I'm pregnant--don't worry about it), watched Dateline and chowed down. Mmm SO good! Thank you Lindsey :D After Chipotle and Chris Hansen, I took a shower and called it a night. 

I worked a little bit on Saturday morning and then headed to the park for my honorary nephews 2nd birthday party! The kids had a great time playing on the playground and bouncy house and the adults enjoyed sitting in the shade visiting. It was a fun party--I can't believe that "Baby" Ben is already two!!

Brandon's sister ended up having to work on Sunday and asked if we'd be able to come out and watch the kids. Umm, of course!! We decided to just make a weekend thing out of it and headed out there Saturday night so we could go to dinner. Guess where we went?!
Yep, Red Lobster! I feel like the RL always gets a bad rap but I love it (I grew up going there)! However, I wasn't at all impressed with the tilapia.. it was very bland and rubbery. Next time, I'll definitely order my usual crab legs and shrimp scampi.
Brandon's sister, Britney, brought the kids over a little before 11 on Sunday morning. We played, ate PB&Js, napped for 3 hours (Sara), watched movies, played some more, patiently waited for Sara to wake up (we told Benny that we had a surprise for him when she woke up.. he was so excited and waited very patiently!), ate some yogurt, heard Sara finally wake up, changed Sara's diapers, notified Benny that we were going to the zoo, smelled something coming from Sara's direction, changed Sara again, walked around the zoo (we saw snakes--Benny's favorite!), ate ice cream (Benny) and then came home and watched the beginning of Ratatouille. Whew! What a busy (and fun) day!
Brandon and Benny are seriously twins--if Baby is a boy, I have a feeling I know what he's going to look like :)
I feel like I'm still recovering a little bit from all of our weekend excitement (we walked A LOT and I'm definitely feeling it) so I'm still pretty tired and sore today. This weekend, I'm heading for Colorado to visit my family and my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Rolf! Can't wait!!

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I hope this week is just as wonderful! :)

  2. That sounds like a fun filled weekend! I love Red Lobster, too.. not sure why others don't... :/


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