Thursday, July 4, 2013

Teenagers Suck, Meeting "Love and Theft" and Happy Birthday, America!

To begin:
I hope that everyone has a wonderful day today--be sure to thank a veteran or current service member for all they've done to keep us safe and free. I am so very proud to be the wife of a veteran and thank God everyday for my freedom. 

You may have noticed that I'm running a little behind schedule this morning (my posts are usually up by 8am CST)--I worked last night, got home, ate some pizza, got really sick (baby apparently doesn't like Pizza Hut) and just laid in bed watching "Hardcore Pawn." I'm feeling a little better today, just very dehydrated (I'm keeping the water and Gatorade flowing!). 

Anyway, my mom and Auntie Sharon came to visit us on Tuesday and Wednesday--we had such a fun and memorable time! As always, here are the bullet points and pictures to tell the story! 

  • The girls arrive just in time for lunch--we get a couple of entrees to share at Jalisco's (my favorite Mexican restaurant).
  • Get ready to head to the pool at the hotel!
  • Arrive at pool to find three teenage boys in the hot tub--we head to the other side of the small room with our wine (mom and Sharon) and Watermelon Oreos (me) and set up camp to visit and relax. Next thing we know, the teenagers are in the small pool, deliberately splashing us. Auntie Sharon (a high school English teacher) politely asks them to stop; they don't. It continued to escalade from there (the next thing Sharon told them was "splash me again and die!"), eventually resulting in a waiting game to see who would give up and leave the pool first. Mom and Sharon won (I finally gave up and returned to my mom's room for a nap).  Moms: 1 Stupid Teenagers: 0
  • Met Brandon (after he got off work) for dinner at our local homestyle chicken restaurant--as always, the chicken and noodles were out of this world! 
  • Returned to the hotel to sit around the pool, visit some more and relax (I ended up staying in my moms room--Brandon brought work home so he didn't miss me too much). 
Auntie Sharon (people ask if she's really my aunt--she is actually my buddy Turin's mom and she and her husband are best friends with my parents--so she's pretty much family!), Me and Momma at Jalisco's.
I had to "inconspicuously" take a picture of the teenagers--I only got one of them (over my right shoulder). For an even better account of what happened, check out Sharon's blog.
  • Slept through the hotel's breakfast (my mom was nice enough to bring me back a yogurt and blueberry bagel).
  • Gave the girls a tour of where I work. 
  • Had a fabulous soup and salad lunch. 
  • Said our goodbyes :/
I had about two and a half hours between when my mom and Sharon left to when I had to be at work, so I took full advantage and enjoyed a two hour nap. Then, it was time to get up and head to work!

My "work"--meeting famous people.
I would be lying if I said I knew who "Love and Theft" were; I've never been a huge fan of country music. However, we met with and interviewed them before their concert last night and they seemed like pretty cool guys. We have a bunch of bands/musicians coming through this weekend for the big "Wild West Fest" festivities, so I'm looking forward to meeting with and talking to more artists over the weekend.

More pictures/stories to come, I'm sure!

Party, Party, I like to Party



  1. Old ladies will always take the high ground! Thanks for hanging with us -- sure wish Bitsie would warm up to us. I think we should call her "Flash" because that is all we ever see of her. Love you and Happy Fourth to you and Brandon!!

  2. You are so right... teenagers do suck! So glad I'm not one anymore because I was never like a typical teenager. Dang sterotypes....

  3. why would they think it was cool to splash some strangers? so weird and annoying. glad the mom team won.


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