Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"The Lorax" Made Me Cry, Big Pants and Feta Cheese

I'm just going to warn you now that this post has no real theme or flow to it.. it's just a tired woman's random thoughts all thrown together.

1.) After doing a lot of homework and research regarding soft cheeses and pregnancy, I decided that it would be okay to add a little pasteurized Feta cheese to my hamburger last night. I'm so glad I did.. it was delicious! Feta makes everything betta!
I enjoyed my burger with a side of pasteurized cottage cheese and a few Doritos.. yum!
2.) My sweet MIL, Mamma Nancy, bought some maternity jeans and tops for me. Since I haven't gained any weight yet, I'm still able to wear my normal jeans/slacks/shorts, but I know the maternity gear will really come in handy this fall! Thanks Nancy!!
"Modeling" for my husband.
3.) Speaking of Mamma Nancy, she came to visit us for the day on Sunday.. and she brought our sweet little niece and nephew! We had a great time eating lunch and watching the kids play at McDonalds (or "MakinDonalds" as Benny calls it), gabbing and shopping. I just love my family!
Benny and Sara playing at Uncle Brandon and Aunt Annie's.
4.) Brandon was gone all day Saturday so I babysat my honorary nephew, Ben, while his parents went to a wedding. We had such a fun time playing with Bitsy's toys, rearranging all the magnets on the refrigerator and watching "The Lorax." He turns two on Saturday (he's growing up wayyyy too fast) and Brandon and I are looking forward to celebrating with him and his family!
I started crying during "The Lorax" and I couldn't help but feel silly (I'm sure Ben was wondering why his parents would leave him with such a crazy lady)--but I guess that's what crazy pregnancy hormones will do to ya! If you've seen the movie, I lost it at the part where the last tree was cut down and all the little forest creatures walked off sad.. they had no home!!
5.) Bitsy's new favorite toy is a piece of ribbon that Brandon cut off a gift bag; she just loves that thing! She'll carry it around the house with her, leave it on our pillows during the night and continuously gnaw on it like its a piece of steak. We had to retire her first "string" because it was so tore up but we cut her off a new, pink one. I don't think she's noticed a difference!
Bitsy and her "string."
6.) To the person who found my blog by searching "nude gal weekend": I'm guessing you were a little surprised and disappointed when your search lead you to my page. Umm.. sorry?
If you haven't made them yet, my Better Than 'Better Than Sex Cake' Brownies are to die for.
7.) Finally, on a more serious note, I'm toning it down tomorrow to talk about an important topic: bullying. This is a post that I have been hesitant to write for quite some time now but I'm ready to talk and tell my story. I hope you'll join me.


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