Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dreams of Basic Instinct and Mini Fruit Pizzas

Before I get started on the upsetting dream I had last night, I wanted to once again share my recipe for mini fruit pizzas.
Recipe (I used blueberries & raspberries this time and drizzled the extra icing over the top with my cake pen)
I attended a Catholic moms group last night and it was wonderful! The ladies were really fun and welcoming and I'm so excited to get involved and make new friends! I didn't sleep at all the night before so toward the end of the night, my body began shutting down and my allergies started to badly flare up. Yuck. 

Anyway, that leads me to my story..

I got home last night, took a quick shower, got into bed and laid there congested and miserable. I started to doze off when I felt a familiar presence breathing down my neck.. followed by the loudest meow I have ever heard. 
This is the look I got on Monday morning when I woke her up at 4am.
I slowly opened my heavy, aching eyes and just stared--I couldn't find the energy to talk or reach out and pet her so we just annoyingly stared at each other until my eyes slowly closed..

Then, when I was finally able to fall asleep, I had a dream that Brandon and I were staying in some gigantic vacation house with a bunch of my friends from high school which should have been a fun dream but quickly became a bust when I lost Bitsy (there was another cat in the house and Bits got her feelings hurt and ran away.. typical!) and Brandon wouldn't socialize because he was too busy watching Basic Instinct over and over.

Why is it that when I finally fall asleep for one minute, I dream about losing my cat and Sharon Stone? Ack.


  1. Those little "pizzas" look delicious! What a fun little dessert idea! :)

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