Monday, September 30, 2013

27 Week Bumpdate

Wow, I'm finally back to the regular bumpdate schedule.


I guess not a whole lot has changed since Wednesday, but here's a quick update.
Can we all just take a minute to acknowledge the fact that I at least tried to clean this mirror? I had a sudden burst of energy after church yesterday and took to the mirror (it's always covered in hair spray.. oops) in between doing dishes and laundry.. and this is as good as it was going to get. At least I tried, right?
How far along: 26 weeks, 4 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 6 pounds--I haven't been eating too well lately (I ate an entire "Hells Bells" burger and order of buffalo fries by myself on Saturday.. so good for my taste buds but so bad for my acid reflux) so that extra pound could very well be a result of that.

Maternity clothes: Not yet! But I had a hard time getting my sweats around my new "curvacious" booty (saying that makes me feel a little better) yesterday while I was cleaning.. sooooo, that might be a sign that it's time to wear the maternity pants that Mama Nancy bought me.

Stretch marks: No and they can stay away!

Sleep: I didn't sleep much last week because I was still battling some weird fluish allergy bug but now that I'm feeling better, I'm sleeping through the night. Temps have been dipping down into the lower 50s each night too which makes for a comfortable sleep experience.

Best moment last week: I worked all day Friday and toward the end of the day, I realized I hadn't felt the babe kick at all. Being the level headed pregnant woman that I am, I began freaking out and immediately assuming that something was wrong--but then it dawned on me that I hadn't listened to any music that day.. so I pulled up the "Relaxing Piano" Jango station on my phone, ate a fun sized Hershey bar, and the next thing I knew, my son was moving and shaking all over the place! So.. I'm guessing he was just tired or bored (or he'd still been kicking the entire time and I was too busy with work to really tune in)?

Oh, and a lover of music and chocolate? He is definitely my son!

Movement: All the time!

Food cravings/aversions: Still spicy.. that "Hells Bells" burger I mentioned earlier was covered in jalapenos and hot buffalo sauce.. Mmm mmm mmm! I have also been craving sweeter things too, like gummy bears and these delicious toffee Milano cookies that a sweet, anonymous friend surprised me with last week when I was sick (if whoever brought me the tea, cookies, and note is reading this--thank you again!! I still can't get over how thoughtful that was and how blessed I feel to have such good people in my life)!

Gender: Boy babe. 

Labor signs: Nooo!

Belly button - in or out? Innie

What I miss: That "Hells Bells" burger (oh, have I mentioned that already?) that I had the other day would have gone really well with a cold beer.. but other than that, I'm very content!

What I am looking forward to: I'm just so excited for him to get here! I was looking around at all of the babies and small children at church yesterday and my heart was filled to the brim with excitement/happiness. Only three months to go!



  1. You look beautiful with that baby bump. Oh my, I'm so jealous!



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