Monday, October 7, 2013

28 Week Bumpdate (and quotes from my nephew)

28 weeks?! How is that even possible! The days and weeks are seriously flying by (which is crazy to me because the first few months were kinda rough and dragged by at a snails pace)!

We really need to start buckling down and working on Jr's (what I started calling Baby yesterday) room. We have been so incredibly blessed by wonderful family and friends who have given us such generous gifts (including a crib, baby bath, Magic Bullet system, heirloom rocking chair, sweet little blue fleece blankets, Ergo carrier, constant prayers, and much more) so we haven't had to buy a whole lot yet but I need to make my list and make sure everything is bought/organized before our sweet little bundle of joy arrives!

I can't wait!

How far along: 27 weeks, 4 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 7 pounds (I think I am finally catching up with the whole "gain a pound a week" norm!).

Maternity clothes: Still no--my little pencil skirt miraculously still zips and all of my dresses still fit so I'm sticking with my normal wardrobe (when I'm home, I live in yoga pants and sweatshirts).

Stretch marks: I'm about to tell a story so if you just want the straight answer, please skip to the last sentence. I woke up the other morning with a bunch of red lines all over my stomach ("this is it.." I thought to myself) and quickly came to terms with having stretch marks. However, when I came home from work that day and started to change clothes (yoga pants time!), I noticed they were all gone. Whhhhaaaaaatt (I think what happened is that I had imprints from my blanket all over my stomach when I woke up that morning)?! So no.. no stretch marks.

Sleep: Gone are the days of getting a full nights rest. If it isn't my acid reflux keeping me up, it's the cat.. or having to potty.. or not being able to get comfortable. Oh well--I figure this is good training for when the babe arrives!

Best moment last week: Seeing both sides of the family! My parents were up here Thursday and Friday to help my brother move into his new place and then we visited Brandon's mom, sister, and family on Saturday--it was a very good week!

Really quickly, I have to share a story about our adorable nephew, Benny. He always likes playing with/looking through my phone whenever we come visit and he immediately noticed my iPhone lock screen (one of our ultrasound pictures)--so, like any four-year-old, he began asking questions.
Benny and Aunt Annie last Halloween.
Sara (Benny's little sister) "helping" clean at Nana's house! Love her little nose scrunched smile!
My favorite Benny/baby questions were:
"Is the baby going to be a boy or a lady?"
"How does the baby come out? Through your bellybutton?" (To which I quickly responded "yes!")
(with a confused/disgusted face) "Why is the baby gray? Is he going to be like that when he gets here?"

After answering his questions, I told Benny that his baby cousin is going to love him so much and that he will have to teach the baby how to ride a bike, play with Lego's ("The baby can't have Lego's! He will eat them!"--smart kid! Aunt Annie wasn't thinking :), and sing his ABC's. Benny got a big grin on his face after that and went back to playing on my phone.

Movement: Oooh yeah! He danced while I did chores and jammed out to Fiona Apple this weekend (he also moved around and squirmed a lot during yesterdays Broncos game.. I think that he and his Grandpa Wernsman will get along just fine)! 

Food cravings/aversions: Spicy (of course) and ice cream!

Gender: Boy babe. 

Labor signs: No, but I do have constant Braxton Hicks contractions (which aren't painful at all but are a bit of an inconvenience when I have a full bladder and am nowhere near a restroom).

Belly button - in or out? Innie

What I miss: Our families.. I'm looking forward to visiting Brandon's family again in a couple of weeks (his dad and step-mom will be in town, too!) and then mine in CO the weekend after.

What I am looking forward to: My dear friends Jen and Erin are planning a really small and intimate get together/baby shower/reunion at the end of the month with a few of our closest childhood and high school friends--I am so excited to see everyone!! I have the greatest friends ever!



  1. Girl I havent checked in with you in a while, you look great! Tiny little belly! I was a house by 28 weeks!! You look cute and happy. Awesome that you were given an Ergo!!! BEcause of the Ergo I was able to hit Target and Home Depot while Ford napped today. Eeek welcome to the 3rd trimester, it will FLY!

  2. Hi! What a lovely blog! Wanna follow each other? Let me know okay=), have a nice day..


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