Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Night I Called The Cops

Hi Friends!

Life never really seems to slow down, does it? I just wanted to give you a quick update of everything goin' on our way!

Joey got an apartment!
My brother has been living with us the last month and a half and found his first apartment this week! I'm so excited for him--it's a really well kept basement apartment that has a lot of 40's charm and quirks. My parents will be out later today with his bed & furniture and he'll be moving in tonight!
This was a couple Saturday nights ago but it cracks me up.. I was sitting on the chair reading and my brother was over on the couch and snapped this. Bitsy is my little shadow!
My parents are staying the night!
See "Joey got an apartment!"
We've been really into games lately--we only have 3 (Yahtzee, obviously, and then The Biography Channel's Who Am I guessing game and a really old edition of Trivial Pursuit) so I need to start hitting up thrift shops to stock up on more!
We're beginning to look at houses!
That's right! We're actually going to a bank this morning (before work) to see what kind of loan we can get and then go from there--we did the math and figured it would actually save us a couple hundred dollars a month to be making monthly mortgage payments vs. paying rent on our duplex. 
Old picture from two weeks ago of the birthday boy and his Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Birthday Cheesecake! Yum (and I'm not just talking about the cheesecake.. *awkward open mouth Annie wink*)!
I had to call the cops Tuesday night
Tuesday night (at around 10:30), Bitsy and I were laying in bed reading (I was reading.. Bitsy wasn't.. I'm not sure if that goes without saying or not.. actually, I'm surprised I wasn't actually reading to Bitsy.. anyway, back to the story) while Brandon watched his Sons of Anarchy on the big screen downstairs. We've been leaving our windows open at night because the fall breeze has been so cool and comfortable, so you can imagine my surprise/shock when the familiar sound of cicadas/crickets/wind was covered by the blood curdling scream of a woman in our alleyway. Bitsy and I both jumped. The screaming continued as I ran downstairs to get my husband.

Up the stairs Brandon and I ran, only to hear the comforting sound of a gentle breeze sweeping through our room. But wait--there was yet another faint scream off in the distance. It was then I turned to Brandon and told him that I was going to call the police department. We live in a college town so there was the possibility that it was just some drunk college kids running around--but what if it wasn't? Worst case scenarios began racing through my head as I talked to the after hours dispatcher. I gave her my name, address and information about what I had heard and what my concerns were--she was very helpful and told me she would be in contact with the deputy on patrol. All I could do at this point was sit there and pray.. and worry.. what was happening to this poor woman?

About 15 minutes later, I received a blocked call from the deputy who asked me a few followup questions (if I heard her say anything like "help" when she screamed, if I'd heard a man's voice, etc.) and he informed me that they'd searched the area but didn't see anything suspicious. I thanked him for checking it out, hung up, and tried to go to sleep.. but I just couldn't. What if there was a hurting woman out there? Did I waste time by getting Brandon? Should I have gone outside to check it out? Another 20 minutes later and I received yet another blocked call from the deputy. 

"We knocked on a few of your neighbors doors to see if they'd seen or heard anything suspicious," he said. "It turns out that it was just a woman who saw a really big spider and screamed." 


He laughed when I asked him how he knew this--it turns out they knocked on this woman's door and asked if she'd heard a woman scream/seen anything suspicious and she admitted to it right away. 

Brandon and I both just kind of rolled our eyes and laughed.. I'm thankful it wasn't anything worse and that she wasn't in any sort of real danger. I'm also grateful to our police department--I thought it was very nice of them to followup with me and keep us informed of what was happening.

What's so scary about a little spider, anyway?



  1. that's pretty funny actually. but really, good for you for calling the police. in so many instances no one does.

  2. Where was Turin when this scream was issued????

  3. Really glad they called back to let you know. We had the fire department bang on our door at 11 pm one night (luckily Quinn was a newborn and we were all actually awake already). I'm still not sure what it was about, there was no fire.

  4. Must have been a huge spider!! That was cool of the police to keep you posted!


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