Thursday, December 5, 2013

Annie One Can Hang Stockings!

Can you believe that I've posted 4 days in a row now?! What is going on?

Today I wanted to share with you our Christmas decorations. They are kind of on the weaker side (honestly, I thought we had more than we do.. oops) but I figure our collection will grow and grow with each passing year.

Enjoy this grand (albeit short) Holiday tour of our home!
I had to capture this rare moment where Bitsy isn't eating the tree or walking on the gifts.
You know what? One of these days, I'm going to learn how to use our Nikon.. Anyway, here is the very special wedding ornament that Brandon made me for Valentines Day!
Another personal favorite--the blurry sassy cat (Bitsy) ornament!
"The stockings were hung on the table with care.."
In case you're ever wanting to buy me Christmas decorations.. my middle name is Joy so I like anything "Joy" related--a friend of the family (whose middle name is also Joy) gave me this when I was in high school.
There's a story behind this decoration--a couple of weeks before Brandon and I got engaged, we attended his office Christmas party. This party pulled out all of the stops: lots of free drinks, a delicious buffet, DJ, prizes, etc. Anyway, they were nearing the end of drawing for prizes when Brandon's was name was called to receive one of the grand prizes. We were pretty excited--the other prizes had been gift cards, gourmet foods, etc.! Come to find out, the grand prizes were the center pieces on the table. We were a little bummed at the time but now that we're married and have a place of our own, we're really happy to have it! It's my favorite Christmas decoration.. and probably the only thing I will ever own from Nordstrom (not by choice..)!
One more shot of our Christmas table.
So, yeah.. that's kind of it for now.. 

I was talking to my mom the other day and she told me that they have a bunch of ornaments we can have, as well as an Advent wreath! I look forward to the day when I have too many Christmas decorations and pawn them off to my kids :)

But until then, I love our Christmas home!

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