Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Funnies (and a Baby Update!)

I found out a lot at my doctors appointment on Wednesday and can't wait until Monday's Bumpdate to share it with you so I will be starting today's post with a little baby talk! Please skip the following bullet points if you're only here for the funnies--I'll only get a little offended! :)
  • As of Wednesday, I'm 2 centimeters dilated (hooray)! My doctor is surprised at how quickly I'm progressing and believes that Baby Sand will be here before Christmas--eek!! Maybe Jr. does read my blog after all?!
  • I have been getting really, really awful pains in my back the last couple of weeks and I'm starting to suspect that they are contractions--they are nothing regular but boy do those suckers hurt! It gets really hard to breath and I have to find an ice pack or heating pad pronto to help take off a little of the edge (I don't know if they really help but I'm going to keep using them). 
  • I can't get an epidural. :/. This little piece of news made my heart stop because my entire birth plan counted on it.
    I now present to you my birth plan:
    1.) Go to hospital.
    2.) Get epidural.
    You may remember me mentioning the back surgery I had in high school to correct my Scheuermann's disease? Yeah.. that's what is killing it for me. Between the rods fused to my spine and the excess scar tissue, the anesthesiologist doesn't think an epidural will do much of anything for me. Dang. Anyway, I'm most certainly not the first woman to ever give birth without drugs and I won't be the last so I'm going to suck it up and pray it goes quickly.
  • The nursery is basically finished (just a few more things here and there) so I will post pictures next week!
  • I'm officially on maternity leave from work--I hated to go but I will admit it's nice to just be able to put my feet up and lay down when I start hurting.
There's a lot of other things happening around here too but I will just save those for Monday (so I have something to talk about)! Have a fabulous weekend, friends!
I'm so remembering this for a white elephant party..


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  1. LOL Love the funnies and I'm so excited to meet Baby Sand!


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