Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Funnies (Christmas Edition)

You guys: Christmas is only 5 days away!

This makes me very, very happy!

*Before I get into this next part, I just have to tell you that this was actually written Thursday  night (12/19/13) but I'm acting like it was written today so just go along with it--a lot may have changed by the time this is published! We will see!*

It sounds like Baby Sand might be joining us as early as this weekend--I had a false alarm yesterday (I thought I was leaking but the amniotic fluid test came back negative) but the nurse checked me again and while I'm still sitting at 2 cm, I am now 100% effaced so it's just a matter of getting a few really good contractions and the babies head dropping.

Jr. was an active little guy when I was hooked up to the monitors and the nurse said he sounds perfect :) The monitor also showed a few good contractions while I was there, but not enough to admit me. I see my Doctor again this morning so we'll see what he says. I will update my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as soon as he's here!

Onto the Christmas funnies!


1 comment:

  1. I love your friday funnies!!! So exciting that baby might be coming sooner rather than later!! Do some squats and cat/cows and see if you can get him lower! I've heard rolling around on a yoga ball is great for shifting them down too! I'm going to write a blog post today detailing all thats been going on for us, but don't worry. We are ok, baby is super ok, we are just chilling out. And I have your gift in my purse and I promise I will mail it, the line at the post office is just so daunting! Happy Holidays babe!


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