Monday, September 30, 2013

27 Week Bumpdate

Wow, I'm finally back to the regular bumpdate schedule.


I guess not a whole lot has changed since Wednesday, but here's a quick update.
Can we all just take a minute to acknowledge the fact that I at least tried to clean this mirror? I had a sudden burst of energy after church yesterday and took to the mirror (it's always covered in hair spray.. oops) in between doing dishes and laundry.. and this is as good as it was going to get. At least I tried, right?
How far along: 26 weeks, 4 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 6 pounds--I haven't been eating too well lately (I ate an entire "Hells Bells" burger and order of buffalo fries by myself on Saturday.. so good for my taste buds but so bad for my acid reflux) so that extra pound could very well be a result of that.

Maternity clothes: Not yet! But I had a hard time getting my sweats around my new "curvacious" booty (saying that makes me feel a little better) yesterday while I was cleaning.. sooooo, that might be a sign that it's time to wear the maternity pants that Mama Nancy bought me.

Stretch marks: No and they can stay away!

Sleep: I didn't sleep much last week because I was still battling some weird fluish allergy bug but now that I'm feeling better, I'm sleeping through the night. Temps have been dipping down into the lower 50s each night too which makes for a comfortable sleep experience.

Best moment last week: I worked all day Friday and toward the end of the day, I realized I hadn't felt the babe kick at all. Being the level headed pregnant woman that I am, I began freaking out and immediately assuming that something was wrong--but then it dawned on me that I hadn't listened to any music that day.. so I pulled up the "Relaxing Piano" Jango station on my phone, ate a fun sized Hershey bar, and the next thing I knew, my son was moving and shaking all over the place! So.. I'm guessing he was just tired or bored (or he'd still been kicking the entire time and I was too busy with work to really tune in)?

Oh, and a lover of music and chocolate? He is definitely my son!

Movement: All the time!

Food cravings/aversions: Still spicy.. that "Hells Bells" burger I mentioned earlier was covered in jalapenos and hot buffalo sauce.. Mmm mmm mmm! I have also been craving sweeter things too, like gummy bears and these delicious toffee Milano cookies that a sweet, anonymous friend surprised me with last week when I was sick (if whoever brought me the tea, cookies, and note is reading this--thank you again!! I still can't get over how thoughtful that was and how blessed I feel to have such good people in my life)!

Gender: Boy babe. 

Labor signs: Nooo!

Belly button - in or out? Innie

What I miss: That "Hells Bells" burger (oh, have I mentioned that already?) that I had the other day would have gone really well with a cold beer.. but other than that, I'm very content!

What I am looking forward to: I'm just so excited for him to get here! I was looking around at all of the babies and small children at church yesterday and my heart was filled to the brim with excitement/happiness. Only three months to go!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Funnies

It's that time again, folks!

Time to laugh!
Seriously, keep your politics off of FB (unless I agree with you.. then it's okay, ha).
Our family black lab did this with FedEx boxes full of Christmas gifts.. my dad was not happy.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

26 Week Bumpdate (Finally)

Good news! I got out of bed and dressed this morning--I can finally post my bumpdate!

I'm still feeling a little under the weather but not as bad as Monday--we've been sleeping with the windows open and I think I got a little too chilly Sunday night which caused this cold (or it may just be really bad allergies, I don't know). Oh well. I'll keep self medicating with sleep, warm blankets, and hot tea.
Sorry for the terrible picture--I quickly took this before running out the door to work yesterday.
How far along: 25 weeks, 6 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Just 5 pounds.. I still feel nervous about not gaining much but my doctor reassured me that as long as the babe is healthy and measuring well (which he is!), it isn't a problem.

Maternity clothes: I don't know how, but I can still squeeze into (and zip up) my favorite black pencil skirt (pictured above).. I figure that as long as things still zip, button, clip, etc., they are good to wear.

That was my really long, dragged out way of saying no maternity clothes yet.

Stretch marks: No and they can stay away!

Sleep: Oh, sleep. I returned home from vacation and still had a difficult time getting comfortable/staying asleep and it was driving me crazy--so much so that I decided it was absolutely necessary for me to get out of bed, throw on some jeans, and run over to Wal-Mart to purchase a body pillow on Friday night (after 11pm). I proudly marched into Wal-Mart wearing my "Nation of Domination" shirt (which is this ridiculously hilarious shirt that has a cartoon picture of two of my guy friends/former co-anchors and me on it), retainer, and au naturel face to find that they carried only one kind of body pillow. Ugggggggggh. I stood there staring at my option and decided whether or not I wanted to spend $10 (have I ever mentioned that I'm pretty stingy?) on something that looked so weak. But alas, I couldn't bear the thought of sleeping another night without a body pillow. So I arrived home, complained to my husband about how stupid this pillow was and how much I already hated it already, laid down, got situated, and almost immediately fell asleep on what is my new favorite thing--I love this pillow!! It's so fluffy and warm and keeps me comfortably situated all through the night. I guess the moral of my little story is to never judge a book by it's cover (or a pillow by it's case?)--if I hadn't given this pillow a shot, I would have ended up forking over wayyyyyyy more money the next day at JCPenney.

Best moment last week: Brandon got to see Baby move for the first time--we were watching "It's Always Sunny" and Charlie was singing a song he wrote and that got the babe kicking and moving.. this boy loves his music (even songs by Charlie Kelly about spiders creeping into your soul)!

Movement: All the time!

Food cravings/aversions: Anything spicy is still my jam.. I love jalapenos and the hot, hot crock pot chili I made the other night.

Gender: Boy babe. 

Labor signs: Nooo!

Belly button - in or out? Innie

What I miss: Being able to breathe and not having a scratchy throat :/

What I am looking forward to: We have some friends getting married in Wichita the first weekend of November and we are planning on getting a hotel for a couple nights and making a little getaway out of it--I love staying in hotels (and weddings.. and our friends Jessica and Tyler!) so I'm having a blast looking for the perfect hotel. We're going to treat this weekend as our babymoon and include shopping, dinner, and relaxing.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Las Vegas Recap!

I have a confession to make..

I didn't get dressed yesterday.

I threw on one of my Grandma Velora's old sweatshirts (the one she got in San Diego--my fave!) and a pair of Brandon's old athletic shorts and called it good.

I was comfortable.

And warm.

I didn't get much sleep Sunday night/Monday morning because we left the windows open all night (to let in some of that cool fall air!). It felt great but I woke up with body aches and really, really congested.

Wah wah wahhhhhhhhhh (that's the sad trumpet noise if you couldn't tell).

Anyway, the point of this pointless story is that I didn't feel like putting on form fitting clothes to take a bumpdate picture in.. so I will be posting my 26 week bumpdate tomorrow. I promise.

In the meantime, I'd love to share some pictures and memories from my moms and my girls trip to Las Vegas last week!
Our trip wasn't something we had planned for long.. We were texting this summer and I made a comment about how much fun it would be to have one last girls vacation before Baby arrives--next thing I knew, my awesome mamma booked the condo and airline tickets and we were all set to go! Here we are on a shuttle to the airport (naturally, I'm wearing my "vacation" hat).
My parents have a beautiful condo/timeshare in Las Vegas that we have always been fortunate enough to use. I could just move right in (did you see that bathtub and shower??)!
The view from our room. Normally, our room faces the strip so this was a bit of a change but I'm not going to complain--we spent a lot of time reading and relaxing next to those pools (they have fun music playing and we got a big "kick" out of watching the baby move and kick around. Music gets this boy movin' and groovin'!)
As you can see, we like our snacks! And pizza (we were both pretty exhausted from traveling so we spent our first night in eating pizza and watching TV--I was asleep by 8pm)!
Pool time!
We ventured out onto the strip Sunday afternoon. Our afternoon consisted of picking up show tickets (we saw Jersey Boys and it was fabulous--hands down the best show we have ever seen!), shopping, and watching the end of the Broncos/Giants game while sharing a delicious cheeseburger, fries and heavenly strawberry shake.
We had big plans to eat at our favorite buffet on Monday afternoon (I scored a sweet Groupon for the place--I was pumped!) and it was amazing. We stood in line over an hour waiting to be seated but it was totally worth it! Next time you're in Vegas, be sure to check out Le Village Buffet inside of Paris. Best. Food. Ever.
We spent the rest of Monday shopping around the strip, relaxing by the pool, packing :(, and watching HGTV. It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip!
One last picture that I have to share--every time we're in Harrah's, we have to take a picture next to this statue. My Aunt Judy and I started the tradition during my 21st birthday trip and it's been a fun thing to do ever since.
*sigh* Looking at these pictures brings my heart so much joy. I'm so blessed to have such a fun and close family! I can't wait for our next vacation (which will probably be Baby's first trip)!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Losing a Job, Rising Up to the Challenge & God's Divine Grace

Since I was late in posting my bumpdate last week, I decided to wait until tomorrow to post my next one (that way it's spread out a little bit more). Today's post is a very personal story about losing my job, prayer, and recent instances of God's Grace in my life. My hope in sharing this story is to maybe help someone who is going through a difficult time in their life. 

I'm sure that several of you know which company I worked for and I want to stress that this post isn't to bash/make them look bad--I learned so much during my year and a half with them and formed several friendships that I still hold near and dear to my heart. Losing a job is never easy but I now understand that it was for the best.

It was a Thursday morning in late August when my story begins. I woke up to my alarm at 7:30, got dressed, made breakfast, and started heading out the door for work when all of the sudden.. oooh, something in my stomach just didn't feel right. I darted back to the bathroom, threw open the toilet lid and threw up.. and up and up and up (keep in mind that I'm nearly 5 months pregnant at this point so I thought I was past the point of morning sickness). After I finished, I picked myself up, brushed my teeth (again), cleaned up a bit and headed out the door. As I drove to work, I thought about how weird my little incident was and laughed to myself about how I hoped this wasn't a foreshadow to my day.

Oh, Annie. You have no idea.

I got into work and everything was going pretty smoothly. I worked in the news department of a smaller market television station so I had spent the morning running around taking pictures, making phone calls, conducting interviews, etc. I was busy trying to set up an interview with a few college baseball players when my boss called a co-worker and myself over to her desk. I'm not going to go into great detail over what she said (there were some other calls made by management that were unrelated to me but were ridiculous and I didn't agree with/understand) but it boiled down to there not being enough money to keep paying me--they were cutting my position and that next Monday (Labor Day) would be my last day.

What happened after that is a bit of a blur. My mind started running one million miles per hour: what were we going to do? I had been told that I could keep my job after the baby was here and work part-time/on call (Brandon and I are getting a schedule figured out so that one of us is home with the baby at all times and we don't have to mess with baby sitters or daycare) and we were really counting on having that little bit of extra income now and after the baby arrives. Then the horror of having to find a new job sank in; who was going to want a 5-month pregnant mother-to-be?

About 5 minutes of numbness/shock went by and then I felt an all too familiar emotion creep up on me. I knew I needed to keep it together (I cannot stand crying in front of people--the only time you will ever see me tear up is if I'm at a funeral, I'm so touched by something that I cry happy tears, or if you mess with my cat after I politely ask you to leave her alone) but I completely lost it after stepping foot in the dark and vacant studio to call my husband. I got off the phone with Brandon, dried my hot tears, marched back into the news room to grab my purse and I fled--I may have just lost my job but I wasn't about to lose my dignity, too.
It just dawned on me that this post has been all words and no pictures.. sorry.. anyway, here's a picture of Bitsy being absolutely adorable! Seriously, have you ever seen anything so sweet, precious and purrr-fect? But I digress--back to the story.
I sobbed the entire way home. Why was this happening? Why now of all times? How were we going to be able to keep paying off doctors bills (even with good health insurance, babies are expensive--who knew?), car insurance, rent? What were people going to think? Why did the company lead me on for so long if there wasn't any money? Would people think I did something wrong and got fired? Was I hurting Baby by getting too stressed out over it? Did Brandon finish my leftover chicken fried chicken from the night before?

Luckily, Brandon hadn't left for work (and hadn't touched my leftovers--thanks babe!) when I arrived home so we were able to hug and talk for a little bit. He assured me over and over that everything was going to be okay and that he had a good job and we'd manage to get by no matter what. I agreed but continued to cry and mope around after he left for work. I talked to God the entire time this was happening and asked Him to help me figure out my next step. I prayed for guidance and for strength. I asked Him to show me how/why this was part of His plan. Was there another job out there for me? One that I could work part-time so I could raise my child? It was then I decided that I needed to get down to business and start looking for a new job so I threw on some sweats, heated up my leftovers and checked the local classifieds for part-time jobs. I applied for a few secretary and bank teller positions and then put my computer away for a second so I could think without any distractions. 

What happened next still gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it. 

The tears began to fall again when I noticed that weeks church bulletin sitting next to my chair. Without thinking twice, I reached down to pick it up and that's when I saw it--an advertisement for our local Catholic radio station. How could I have forgotten about this station? I had been sitting there picking my brain for other media outlets/stations I could apply at and the only ones I could think of were owned by the company I was currently working for (we live in a smaller town of about twenty thousand so there aren't too many choices when it comes to working in the broadcast field)--how could I forget about Divine Mercy Radio?!

This is my first example of God's Divine Grace in action.

I knew the chances that they were actually hiring were slim to none but figured there was no harm in at least sending over my resume and introducing myself. Not even a half hour later I received a response from the executive director (who is probably the sweetest and all around best person I have ever met) saying that they were looking for a part-time producer but she'd keep my resume on file in case they were ever hiring full-time. My jaw dropped.

Part. time. was. perfect.

I emailed her back immediately and explained that I was actually looking for part-time work since we were expecting our first child and to please keep me in mind when she began the interview process. I quickly logged into my Google chat and messaged my husband to tell him the exciting news and how I may get an interview with the Catholic radio station.

I had to go back to work the next day (which I had no desire to do whatsoever) but went in with a forced smile and fake happy-go-lucky attitude. I did not want to be there. They obviously didn't want me there. Why was I there (because we needed the money and I didn't want to leave my co-worker/friend hanging, that's why)? We had to cover a luncheon that day for a well known and widely respected organization so it wasn't too bad of a gig (we got a really yummy free lunch out of it) but I still had a bad attitude. I asked God for strength and guidance--boy, did I need it.

I clenched my teeth and smiled through the entire lunch (and ate my weight in the delicious, free buffet), clapped and nodded through a presentation given by the CEO of our company, and did everything in my power not to cry/scream/pop one of those stupid balloons at our table. I managed to make it through the entire lunch and was ready to get up and get the hell out of there when they announced a special activity they wanted us all to participate in.

"Oh brother," I thought to myself as I stood up and gathered my things to leave. But my co-workers were staying and they were my ride so I plopped myself back down and waited for further activity instructions.

"Our campaign slogan for this year is 'Rising up to the challenge," explained the chairman of the organization. "We all face different struggles in our lives so I want everyone to grab a balloon and write down something or someone that you will rise above these struggles and challenges for." He went on to say that we would be releasing the balloons outside once everyone was finished.

This is just another example of God's Divine Grace in action.

I thought long and hard about this perfect little miracle inside of me who I love more than anything in the world and haven't even met--I knew needed to rise above this challenge of losing my job for him. I would rise above this challenge for him. I wrote "my son" on the balloon and joined the crowd outside. Letting go of that balloon and watching it fly higher and higher into the sky was so uplifting and renewing; I felt like the weight of my world was floating away with my balloon. It was right then that I knew everything was going to be okay and that this was all apart of His perfect plan for my family and me. 

My attitude and outlook on life was 100% better after that. Brandon and I spent that weekend with my family in eastern Kansas and it reminded me of all of the good people we have in our lives and how truly blessed we really are.

Exactly one week after contacting the executive director of the Catholic radio station, I received an email asking when I'd be able to come in to interview. We arranged a meeting for that following Thursday and it could not have gone any better. She invited Brandon and me to a banquet that Saturday night so we could hear the ministry first hand and make sure it was something I wanted to take part in. Long story short, Brandon wasn't able to make it (you may remember me mentioning how we survived the most stressful weekend of our lives--I'll get more into that another time but it basically involved borrowing a truck, driving long distances on a time crunch to move some furniture, having a tire blow out on Interstate 70, throwing on a spare, having a second tire blow out a few miles later, expensive tow trucks, insurance companies, etc.) so I went solo but met up with some wonderful friends from my ladies church group and learned more about the ministry of Catholic radio and just how amazing it was. The food, fellowship, and message by John Martignoni healed my tired and weary soul. This is where I was supposed to be. This is where God wanted me.

I cannot tell you how humbling and incredible it is to use my talents to serve our Lord every single day. I absolutely love my job--it doesn't even feel like work and the days fly by so quickly. I was able to record, edit, and produce my first show the other day which was more fulfilling than anything else I have ever produced. Everyday is different; I design brochures and advertisements, log programming, write and record public service announcements, assist in marketing projects--it's just wonderful. I really knew I was in the right place too when my boss and I were talking on my second day and she told me that she knew motherhood would be my main priority and that she agreed with that so if I ever needed to take a day off or bring the baby to work with me (if Brandon's and my schedules overlap), that was absolutely fine. Please re-read that last sentence a few more times and let it soak in--how amazing is that? I still tear up every time I think about that conversation.

If you're going through a trying time in your life, I hope this post gives you some encouragement. God has a plan for you--it might be hard to see at the time but just hang in there. Talk to Him; He will get you through.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Funnies

How is it Friday?

My work week started on Wednesday so I'm all sorts of messed up--oh well! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I'll be back next week with a Vegas recap and more!
You're*... a lot*... gah!
Bitsy at 3am.
I hope that Baby is this considerate when he's older!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

25 Week Bumpdate

I'm baaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkk...!

I want to start this post by wishing my wonderful and handsome husband a very happy birthday! You're such a blessing in my (and everyone you knows) life and I thank God everyday for you! You're an amazing man and I know you'll be the greatest dad ever.

Happy 27th, B!

Las Vegas was so much fun and so relaxing! My mom and I had such a wonderful time sunning, eating and shopping--I wish girls vacations could happen much more often! Anyway, I'll be sharing pictures/stories with you early next week :D

Until then, it's all about the babe here at Annie One Can Cook--here's an update!
How far along: 25 weeks, 0 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 5 pounds. I had my monthly checkup today and asked the doctor if I needed to be gaining more but he said that Baby is big and is measuring well so it isn't an issue.

Maternity clothes: No, but I decided I may have to retire a few skirts/pairs of pants after today.. he's a growin'!

Stretch marks: Noooo!

Sleep: I haven't slept very well at all this week.. I think part of the reason why is because I was on vacation (I never sleep well when I'm not home). It also takes me forever to get comfortable.

Best moment last week: My moms and my fabulous girls vacation in Las Vegas!

Movement: Oh yes.. and I love it! He moves a lot whenever there is music playing and it is so incredible to watch/feel (he was getting his boogie on when we laid by the pool last week and during Jersey Boys).

Food cravings/aversions: Just food in general.. I'll eat anything! I will say though that I am loving Subtember at Subway--I get my foot long Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki with spinach, lettuce, pickles and lots of jalapenos at least once a week for only $5 a pop (woot)!

Gender: Boy babe. 

Labor signs: Nooo!

Belly button - in or out? Innie (but for how much longer, I do not know).

What I miss: Hanging out with my mom :/ we had such a fun time gabbing and just being together.

What I am looking forward to: Working more on the babes nursery.
This is the only time you will ever see my naked and fuzzy (thanks to the prenatals..BTW, is it true that the extra hair/fuzz falls off after the baby is here/you're off the vitamins?? I read that somewhere and am toughing it out in hopes that it is true) stomach! Hope it isn't too blinding for ya.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Funnies (and a Quick Life Update)

I am going to start this post off by saying that yes, we are all still alive and kickin' (especially Baby!) here in Kansas.

Life has just been oh so busy and my blog has had to sit on the back burner :/ Before I get to the funnies, here is a quick update of everything that has happened in the last couple of weeks:
  • I was laid off from my job (which is a story that I would like to share with all of you soon--once I have enough time, I'll get it written).
  • My brother moved in with us while he looks for a job (he found one that he really likes, so check!) and place of his own (we're in the process of finding him an apartment). 
  • We survived the most stressful weekend of our lives. 
  • I hosted my church ladies group Tuesday night.
  • I found a new job.
  • I started working at said job this week (oh my gosh, I couldn't have asked for a better job than this one I have now--I am so incredibly blessed to be where I am and can't wait to share the story of how I came to find it and what I am doing).
  • My mom and I leave for our girls vacation on Saturday!
Whew! Busy, busy. And we're not even halfway through the month yet!!

Anyway, there's my quick recap! I won't be able to post much next week since my mom and I will be out of town but I will be sure to post my 25 week bumpdate when I get back!

Until then, Happy Friday!! Let us laugh!
I usually skip the first three and go straight to the cake..
This is what I planned to do with the cat (but I ended up telling him the night before that I was still going to pick her up..)
Oooh no, I'm not falling for that one again!
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