Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We're Moving to Denver!

Whew! What a whirlwind couple of weeks this has been!

We have been really busy getting into the groove of parenthood (which we love!), celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary with dinner & a movie, have had several visitors for Jax, and received word on Friday that we'll be moving to Colorado in a few weeks.

I'll talk more about the big move here in a sec--first I must show off my cutie(s) (Jackson, Brandon, & Bits)! 
One of Jackson's newborn pictures--does it get any cuter than this? (No. It does not.) Photo by Andrea Rodger Photography.
We celebrated our anniversary with sushi and "American Hustle."
Jax was too busy being loved on by his Mimi & Papa to know we even left!
Nana came out to visit us for her birthday! More cuddles for Jax.
Brandon's sister and our niece & nephew came to visit us before Nana's birthday--we had this grand kids picture taken for her gift (Brandon actually took and edited it).
Oh they grow up so quickly!
Okay, info on our move..

My tech guru husband was offered a job with the one of the world's largest internet providers late last week and has decided to take it. It's going to be really, really difficult for us to leave our friends and Brandon's family but we decided this move is the best decision for our family and that an opportunity like this may not come again. I'm originally from Colorado so this move will be like going home for me (my parents will only be an hour away too which I'm excited about) and I am so excited to take Jackson to the Botanic Gardens, Butterfly Pavilion, Children's Museum, and other places I grew up visiting. 

With all of that being said, I ask you to bear with me and my sporadic posting schedule. Brandon's new job begins February 3rd so these next couple of weeks will be full of packing, apartment hunting, and baby cuddling. Stay tuned for more adventures with the Sand people!
Who will be more difficult to move: Jax or Bits? Place your bets now!


  1. I'm so excited for you! Kinda sad you'll be further away, but happy for the new opportunities for you!

  2. aw, it makes me sad you're leaving ks! but i look forward to hearing about the move and glad for you to get a great opportunity!


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