Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Annie: Then and Now

Disclaimer: The following post may contain images disturbing to some readers. If images of awkward adolescents makes you uncomfortable, causes nightmares and/or a loss of appetite, please leave this page now. Annie One Can Cook will not claim responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from reading this post.

You've been warned. 

It's weird for me to think that I'm old enough to be a mom--I feel like I should only be an 8th grader, still living at home with my parents! But alas, I'm now an adult and have several important stay-at-home mamma responsibilities such as keeping house, paying bills, and keeping an adorable little tyke fed and happy--it just doesn't feel real sometimes!

Anyway, while I was making my blogging rounds the other day, I stumbled upon a "then and now" post from Alexis at We Like to Learn as We Go and thought it would be fun to do (especially since the "then" is as old I currently feel).

Let's do it!

Then: 2004 - Age 14
Now: 2014 - Age 24 (next month.. I'm still 23)

Please note the braces, hair, & Bush/Cheney shirt.
Crushing On
Then: Drake Bell
Now:  This hot soldier I met who is a computer whiz, amazing cook, and makes beautiful babies.
My taste got better with age.
Then: Moody, grumpy, paranoid.. pretty much your typical teen.
Now: Laid back, happy, and grateful!
Family vacation to Washington D.C. & Williamsburg, VA - Summer 2004
Then: Rats nest (I would occasionally brush it and that was the extent of my hair routine).
Now: Short, staticky mess.. but at least I make an effort now, right?
My Aunt Nancy & Me at the infamous chicken coop B&B - Fall 2004
Then: Lots of jackets (I hated my arms), jeans (I hated my legs), shoes (I hated my feet), and loose fitting blouses/dresses (to hide my hips, thighs, and butt).
Now:  Yoga pants, t-shirts, blazers, and dresses (whenever I can!).
"Favorite Era Day" at school - Fall 2004
Then: Drake & Josh, Friends, & whatever was on MTV at the time.
Now: The news (& news magazine shows like Dateline and 20/20), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Family Tree, Shark Tank, Duck Dynasty, & Breaking Bad.
Apparently not going to class.. - Fall 2004
Then: Sheryl Crow & Top 40
Now: 90s Alternative & Grunge
My photogenic family - Christmas 2004
Then: Teen Romcoms & Romeo & Juliet (9th grade English)
Now: My current read is One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak (which I will be doing a review on soon).
8th grade dance - Spring 2004
Then: Hanging out with friends, shopping, talking on the phone, & dancing in my room.
Now: Blogging, reading, going for walks, & traveling.
8th Grade Cotillion - Spring 2004
Then: Move to Hollywood, become a famous actress/singer, marry Drake Bell, and introduce my best friend, Jen, to Ricky Ullman (which I actually referenced in my MOH speech at her wedding).
Now: Being the best wife and mother I can possibly be and raising my children to be good, contributing members of society.. and going to New York City. 
Better than being a famous actress--being mommy to this little guy and wife to handsome Brandon!


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