Monday, February 24, 2014

Jackson's 2 Month Update!

Baby Jackson turned 2 months on Saturday (and we celebrated by going to Costco and by driving down to Castle Rock to shop/have dinner)!

It's so surreal that my baby is 2 months old already--part of me is sad because he's growing up so quickly, but the other part of me feels like he should be older than he is (SO much has happened since he was born: Christmas, Brandon's interview/job offer, apartment hunting, moving, Brandon starting his job, exploring the city, etc.). Even though he hasn't been around for long, it's hard to remember life before Jackson and I thank God everyday for giving us such a healthy, happy, and sweet little boy!
I had planned to do the same pose, background, outfit, etc., for all of his monthly updates but he's hard to take pictures of (he doesn't like being set down for too long), so we're just going to take what we can get and not be too picky!
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt was made by our uber talented friend, Jana.
Weight: 9 1/2 pounds (taken on the bathroom scale).

Length: I'm not even going to try measuring him (it will only end in tears for both baby and mom)--his 2 month well check is tomorrow so we'll find out then! 

Nicknames: Jax, Jack, Kiddo, Bubby (& variations like Bubba, Bubbas, Bub, etc.), Jacksie, Baby, Buddy, Tink, Cheekies

Wearing: He outgrew his Newborn clothes :/ we're in 0-3 month now, with some 3-6 month--he also graduated to size 1 diapers.

Sleep: He will take little catnaps during the day in his swing but in order for him to take a good, long nap, he has to be laying with someone (which I will be talking to his pediatrician about tomorrow--I vowed to never be a co-sleeping parent and now I am). He also won't sleep alone at night but as long as he's sleeping on me, he will sleep 10+ hours a night (but I don't sleep because I'm so paranoid about having baby in bed.. he sleeps on top of the sheets in the crook of my arm).

Jax likes: Eating, sitting on dad, cuddling/sleeping with mom, the ceiling fan, sticking out his tongue, kicking his legs, playing on his mat, going for walks in the Ergo, being held, jabbering, being talked to, bath time, his changing table, looking at lights, lullabies, & being walked around/bounced.

Jax dislikes: His car seat, the car, being hungry, his stroller, being set down for too long, dirty diapers, solo napping, & being read to (which I hope passes quickly).

Mom & Dad's Favorite Things: When he cackles, how alert and curious he is, all of that hair, when he smiles, his animated facial expressions, how he lays his hands under his head when he sleeps on his stomach (usually on dad), his sweet demeanor, & the cute noises he makes.

1st dip in the pool
~I think that Jackson might be going through a period of "Purple crying" (more info here--I had to watch a video on it before I left the hospital so I was semi prepared for it) where he'll be smiling and playing one minute and then screaming and crying uncontrollably the next. It's been emotionally exhausting for all three of us (I have a tendency of crying when Jax cries uncontrollably--poor Brandon, I know) but he's a baby and that's what babies do. I'm going to talk to his new pediatrician about it on Tuesday to make sure that's what it is and not something else. 

My handsome boy :)
I think a picture like the one above deserves a humorous story: Last week, Jack and I stayed a few days at my parents house (they only live about an hour away now so I see lots to trips to see them in our future!). Jax slept peacefully the entire trip there but screamed and screamed the last 45 minutes of the trip home. Between Jackson crying and rush hour traffic, I felt sad and emotionally defeated--when we finally arrived home, I sat down and nursed him for about a half hour, thinking the entire time about everything I needed to do that afternoon. After he finished eating, he was calm so I turned on the TV and put him in his swing. I wasn't really paying attention to what I had turned on but it was some Jennifer Lopez movie (with the guy who played Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ")--Jackson loved it and quietly watched it for 45 minutes! It was amazing--I got all of the dishes done, cleaned, and did a load of laundry! I'm not sure if I should be concerned by my 2-month-olds fascination of J. Lo, but I'll go with it for now.

Whatever floats your boat, kid..

Jax and his Papa Tony (my dad)
~Jax is exclusively fed breast milk and I feel very blessed to be able to do so--he is a champ when it comes to eating and can go from breast to bottle to pacifier with no problem.

~New this month: smiling (that top picture makes me heart melt and the bottom one makes me smile--he's always so happy after his nap)!

Brandon Jr.
~This boy loves his baths! He always makes the cutest faces and lays there so contently--I can't wait until he's old enough to start swim lessons. And I don't know if you can tell or not, but he has a noticeable "outie" belly button that I think is an umbilical hernia; we've done our research and it's pretty common in babies who were premature (Jax was a week and a half early and only weighed 5 lbs. 13 oz.) and shouldn't cause them any pain. One more thing to talk to the pediatrician about tomorrow (I have a loooooooong list of things)!


Next weekend is another busy/exciting weekend for Jackson and our family--Jax is being baptized! I'm so excited for this milestone in our lives and I can't wait to celebrate with so many people we love. More on that next Monday!

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  1. Where has the time gone!? What a handsome little man!


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