Monday, February 10, 2014

Mommy Drama, Turkey Sandwiches, and a Haircut

Where did this weekend go?! I'm always so happy to have Brandon home for a few days but it seems like his presence makes the time go by so much faster! Yesterday was Jax's 7 week birthday.. gah! I just hate how quickly he's growing up.

Anyway, we had a fun family weekend here in Colorado that I will now share with you! How fun is that and how excited are you (ha)??

  • I had some real mommy drama on Friday afternoon that still makes me tear up when I think about it.. here's what happened: Jax and I had been cooped up in the house for 4 straight days because of the frigid cold so as soon as temperatures reached the low 40s, it was time to get out! I had planned to take Jax over to Gordmans (we live about 2 blocks from one--yes!) with me during his nap time so he could snooze in his car seat while mamma did some shopping.. he ended up screaming and crying the entire time we were in the store. I tried everything to calm him down: I carried him around, gave him his bottle, rocked him, etc., but nothing seemed to help. Normally he calms down once we're moving in the car so I decided to just forget Gordmans and head over to Walmart to pick up a few groceries. Well, our poor baby who couldn't cry when he was first born screamed (like I have never heard him scream) the entire 5 minute drive to Walmart. As soon as I pulled up, I jumped out to try to console him and found him ghostly white with beads of sweat rolling down his little face: he was majorly overheated. I had dressed him that morning in a little sweatshirt, pants, and socks and then put him in his little insulated coat before leaving the house--if that wasn't enough, this dumb first time mom also put a blanket on him. I felt terrible--it wasn't that cold out. I got him out of his car seat as quickly as I could, stripped off his coat and pants, and held him until his little heart slowed down and his color returned. I called my mom and bawled and bawled; God entrusted me with this precious little boy and here I was making him hurt. We skipped grocery shopping and went straight home to cuddle and nap.
  • Watched the Olympic opening ceremony and "Shark Tank." 
  • Early to bed!
Mommy and Jax watching the opening ceremony (well, mommy was.. Jax stared at the ceiling fan).
Every time he puts his hand out, Bitsy thinks he's going to pet her--give it a couple more months, Bits!
  • Scheduled Jackson's baptism! 
  • Lunch (at Panera) and shoe shopping with my bestie, Jen. 
  • Brandon and I wanted to get out and do something and decided to head up north to Fort Collins (my birth place/original home town) to drive around/have dinner. We didn't see any friends or family because it was such a spur of the moment thing but we're planning to go back soon to visit! 
  • Finally returned a few duplicate wedding gifts at Bed Bath & Beyond (I also got a fancy new hair straightener--I can't wait to play with it!). 
  • Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. 
  • Did a little unpacking/decorating. 
  • Early to bed.. again!
Mmm.. Panera..
No, it wasn't windy. Why do you ask?
This zero tears family outing was made possible by the Ergo carrier.
Stretching out in the booth after being in his car seat for so long!
  • Haircut (which I will debut here on Wednesday!) and jean shopping.
  • More unpacking/decorating.
  • Naps.
  • Toy Story 3 (which Mr. Jackson loved! I'm guessing it was all of the bright and happy colors).
  • Baptism luncheon prep. 
And that, my friends, was our weekend. How was yours?

I have lots of fun stuff coming up on the blog this week so make sure to stop by again tomorrow morning!

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  1. Oh you poor girl! :o Did I ever tell you I had Claudine home from the hospital less than 24 hours when I dumped her out of her stroller and onto the sidewalk? My worst mommy moment ever. The lessons Mommy-hood will teach us...


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