Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide (for Men)!

Is it just me or does it seem like men are impossible to buy gifts for?

I don't know what it is, but I always have the hardest time figuring out what to get Brandon for his birthday, Christmas, and, of course, Valentine's Day. Do you have that same problem? If you answered yes, don't worry--I got your back!

Here are some fun Valentine's Day gift ideas for that special guy in your life!

1.) Indoor/Outdoor Ring Toss Game ($124.99, Etsy)
Okay, this is really, really cool! What guy wouldn't love this? Just pair this game with summer, BBQ, & good friends and you're all set (you and your Valentine.. we mustn't forget who this gift guide is for)! 

2.) Mo's Bacon Bar ($7.50, Vosges Chocolate)
I actually got one of these bars for Brandon last Valentines Day--he's a big fan of bacon (who isn't?!) so I figured this would be a hit! I found it unopened and uneaten in mid-August (bacon or no bacon, he just isn't too big of a sweets guy) and took it upon myself to "try" it. It was delicious--so much so that I ended up eating the entire bar.. Oops. Anyway, if your guy is a fan of chocolate and sweets, this is the gift for him! The saltiness from the bacon and sweetness from the chocolate make for one mouthwatering gift.

3.) Smart Mass Kinetic Sand ($9.99, Think Geek)
Have you seen this sand?! I first discovered/played with it at the Las Vegas airport last September--it is really, really neat! It's really soft, sticky, and moldable; perfect for his work desk!

4.) (Real) Wood iPhone 5 ($26.95, Etsy)
Okay, I want this phone cover..that's why it made the list.

5.) Beer Tasting Tool Kit ($18, Uncommon Goods)
The kit comes with tasting notepads, blind-tasting paper sleeves, and beer cheat sheets--this gift doubles as both an awesome Valentine's Day present and as the starter to a fun date night. I realize that not everyone likes beer so if your guy isn't a fan of the hops..

6.) 9-Piece Whiskey Stone Set ($9.99, Groupon)
..he must be a fan of the harder stuff! These solid soapstone whiskey stones will keep hia favorite drink cold without watering it down--pair it with a bottle of top shelf liquor (or the cheap stuff--it still gets the job done, trust me) and you have one classy gift! 

7.) Batman Ice Cube Tray ($16.73, Amazon)
Ladies, c'mon.. your hubby doesn't like putting regular ice cubes in his water (they are so boring.. and square..)! Be "cool" and get the hubs some cubes in the shape of his favorite superhero--his favorite beverages will never be the same. 

I hope my guide gives you some inspiration for Valentine's Day--T-minus 9 days, y'all!


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