Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday (& the Debut of the New Do)

Good news: I'm bringing What I wore Wednesday (WIWW) back!

Do you remember the one WIWW post I did over a year ago? Yeah, I don't really either. Anyway, I decided to bring it back (hopefully weekly!) in order to get myself out of yoga pants and sweatshirts and into more trendy/fun outfits--and what better outfit to start with than this "mommy chic" ensemble I wore yesterday!

My personal style is chic, yet comfortable--I love pairing quirky and colorful t-shirts with something dressy, like a suit jacket or pretty necklace. 

Outfit info:
1.) I picked up the suit jacket at Goodwill for $3.99 in 2011 and it has been one of my wardrobe staples ever since (nothing makes me happier than finding cute threads at the thrift store--I'm very cheap thrifty)! 
2.) The Ariya "curvy fit" jeans were a post-pregnancy Gordmans buy (have I mentioned that I live next door to a Gordmans now? Oh, I have?)
3.) The Park Burger shirt was a gift from my aunt (P.S. if you're ever in Denver, eat. at. Park. Burger. It's amazing!!).

I love this outfit! 

So besides the fact that I'm wearing something other than sweats, do you notice anything different? 

If you answered "yes, you have a bit of a stomach pooch going on," you'd be right (rude, but right).. however, that's not what I'm talking about--I'm referring to my new hairdo! 
"The Natalie"
Before moving to Denver, my brother and I had a standing Friday afternoon date where he'd come over to our house to do his laundry and we'd sit around and watch "Monk" reruns.. that's where I got this idea for my new do! Remember Monk's assistant, Natalie? She was my inspiration (you thought I was going to say that Monk was my inspiration, didn't you?)!
I love Natalie's locks--her do is very light and wispy, yet edgy and fun
I absolutely LOVE the way my hair turned out! The layers and side bangs have given my super fine and limp hair new life and it is really easy to maintain--I just have to blow dry it, give it a few waves (with my hair straightener), spray it, and go! Love, love, love!!

On that note, it's to to wrap up this edition of WIWW--I hope to see you all again next week for another super exciting post about how I actually got dressed/put on makeup for once!

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