Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Yesterday during Jack's and my daily nap (as long as he's sleeping on me, he'll sleep 11-12 hours a night and then take a 2 1/2-3 hour nap every afternoon--yes, it is amazing but we really need to start crib training), I realized that I haven't posted about America's (unofficial) favorite cat since before the babe was born!

Poor Bits..

I get asked by a lot of people how she's doing and if we still have her (like we could ever part with such an important member of our family!), so today's post is all about Bitsy, how she's liking Denver, and other misc. Bitsy bits.

The Bitsy Bits

Bitsy & Jax
If you read my blog at all in 2013, you know that Bitsy was the baby of the Sandmeier home, so we weren't sure how she was going to react to a new, human baby. Would she be jealous? Would she sit on the baby? Would she pack up her most prized possessions (ball of yarn, piece of ribbon, and cardboard box) and run away?

When we first brought Baby Sand home, Bitsy just basically ignored him and did her own thing--but now that she's getting more and more used to him, she will lay with him and try to get him to pet her (adorable picture below). Since she is a cat, she is not a fan of loud noises and will give me an annoyed look and leave anytime Jack cries or screams but besides that, she loves her brother and always sits/lays with us!
One of Jax's first nights home: she wasn't about to acknowledge his presence!
January 1st: making progress (at least she's laying close to him, right?)
January 2nd: I caught her watching "NBC Nightly News" with Jack!
January 9th: the cuddle crew (Bitsy, Jax, & Me)
January 30th: the kids' first Colorado blizzard!
February 5th: her brother's keeper
February 7th: Pet me, please!
February 26th: Bitsy & her "pillow"
The Big Move
About a month ago, I mentioned that we ordered Bitsy some calming spray for the big move but it never arrived. As you can imagine, she was freaked out by all of the sudden changes at the duplex and by the strange (moving) men taking away all of our furniture/things--I felt so bad for her! When it came time for Brandon to leave (Bitsy was going to go with him while I stayed back to clean/take Jackson), I had to pull her out from behind the washing machine and put her in her carrier. 

She and I both cried and said our pitiful goodbyes to each other and then she and Brandon were on their way.

About 30 minutes after they left, Brandon sent me this picture:

Brandon said that Bitsy actually did really well on the trip and that she enjoyed exploring the car, looking out the window, and laying in random places (like the floor by the pedals, which Brandon quickly put a stop to). I'm so happy that she managed the trip well but will still plan to have the calming spray ready for her in case she ever has to travel long distance again. 

Colorado Kitty
Our new apartment is half the size of the duplex we lived in so we weren't sure how Bitsy would handle her new living arrangements--turns out, she loves it! There's a giant, picture window in our living room that Bits sits in front of during the day and we have a big, wraparound deck that we let her walk around on (we live on the 3rd floor of the building). I am so happy with the way she's adjusted and couldn't have asked for a better kitty!
Enjoying her spot in front of the window.
This girl loves the deck! Cute story from yesterday: it was in the upper 50s most of the day so I left the door to the deck open for a few hours so Bitsy could go in & out. Once it started getting dark, I called Bits to come in and she slowly walked over to me, sat down, stared up at me, and meowed really sweetly as if to say "Just 5 more minutes?" (In case you didn't know, I'm fluent in cat) I let her stay out another 15 minutes.
That's what is new with our Bitsy--it's hard to believe that we adopted her a year ago this month! Maybe we'll have to throw her a party..

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