Monday, March 17, 2014

Burger Saturday: 5280 Burger Bar & a St. Paddy's Day Recap!

Got a case of the Mondays?

I have the cure: a double post! Doesn't that just make everything better??

I'll start with a review of 5280 Burger Bar (this weeks stop for "Burger Saturday") and then I'll recap our St. Paddy's Day weekend. Good?

Annnnnnnnnnnd... go!

Burger Saturday: 5280 Burger Bar
This weekend's stop on our great Denver burger tour was 5280 Burger Bar on the 16th Street Mall.

Last week, my Aunt Nancy sent me a FB message with a link to 5280 BB's website and suggested we check it out--we're always looking for a new place so I was sold! Unlike last week's Burger Saturday, we had our adorable little 3rd wheel along with us, so our lunch was a little bit more rushed and stressful (we had to alternate eating so one of us could be holding & entertaining the babe at all times--I took first shift, Brandon took second), but still very yummy!

The restaurant is conveniently located in the Denver Pavilions, so it is easy to find and is surrounded by several fabulous stores--perfect for a little post burger workout (the "walk and carry")! The decor of the restaurant is very hip and modern with lots of cool pictures of Denver and decorated glass. The atmosphere had us concerned about the price of the burgers--I was worried that the cheapest thing on the menu would be $30, but everything was priced just right.

Choosing our burgers was tough.. this is the one I really wanted:
For the sake on my infant son's stomach, I decided against getting this.. but I made Brandon promise me that we'd come back once I'm no longer nursing so I could try it!
..and this is the burger I ended up getting:
(minus the onion, of course)
You guys.. their 5280 Sauce is delicious. It's like McDonalds "secret" Big Mac sauce.. except good. Brandon's burger didn't come with the sauce so he dipped a fry in some that had dripped off my burger and agreed that it was amazing (amazing enough for a second, third, and fourth dip)! The burger itself was a little too rare for me (which was my fault--the menu even said that the burgers were cooked to "medium perfection" unless ordered otherwise), but was still juicy, flavorful, and fresh tasting.

Brandon also had a tough time deciding which burger to try and decided on this bad boy:

He enjoyed this innovative burger and said the pulled pork added a rich and smoky flavor that you don't normally get with a burger. When I asked if he'd ever get it again, he responded with a confident "yep." 
5280 Burger Bar only serves fresh, Colorado beef and makes all their buns in house from scratch and believe me, it shows.
This is definitely a spot we'll be hitting up again (especially after Jax is finished nursing) and I suggest you do too!

St. Paddy's Day Weekend Recap
Happy St. Paddy's Day, all! May the luck o' the Irish be with ya, laddies and lasses (wait, is that Irish or Scottish?)! We had a wonderful, low key weekend (see: Burger Saturday) and enjoyed celebrating with our little family. Here's what we did:

  • Slept in.
  • Finally set up new bank accounts (at an actual Colorado bank) and a savings account for Mr. Jackson.
  • Shopped for patio furniture & stuffed our faces with samples at Costco. 
  • Lunch at 5280 Burger Bar. 
  • Walked and shopped around the 16th Street Mall. 
  • Petsmart run for fancy new kitty food for Bits (we'd been getting her Meow Mix since "cats ask for it by name" but decided to step it up for her health and for our sanity.. she's been shedding like crazy and we read that foods rich in Omega 3s can help with that).
  • Church. 
  • Kicked back at home and watched "Dateline Saturday Night," "Nightline," and "20/20." 
  • Bed.
Our little shamrock.
5280 Burger Bar
  • Light cleaning around the house.
  • Lunch (nachos, spinach dip, & beers--yum!) and girl talk with my best friend.
  • Long nap with Jacksie.
  • Family walk around the park.
  • Healthy dinner of tilapia and rice.
  • "The Voice" and "Anchorman 2". 
  • Bed.
Mmm lunch..
I can't believe we've been friends for over 12 years--time goes by so quickly!
This is pretty typical Jen & Ann.
It was a very laid back and perfect weekend--don't you just love those?! I hope you all had a fun & relaxing weekend and that you have a fabulous week!

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