Monday, March 3, 2014

God Bless Jackson (Jack's Baptism Day)

On Sunday, Jackson was baptized at my hometown church--it was a lovely mass, ceremony, and luncheon with many of our wonderful friends and family members.
Jax & Daddy (AKA the twins)
Thanks for the tux, Mimi Carol!
Jax's godmother, my dear friend Turin, was unable to attend the baptism because of medical school, so her mom (my Auntie Sharon) stood in for her--she wrote a beautiful post about the importance of baptism and Jackson's big day that you can read here.
Jack receiving the sign of the cross from his godfather, Uncle Joey (my brother).
Our poor little baby who couldn't cry when he was first born screamed and cried through the entire baptism.. but he became really quiet and peaceful as soon as Father poured the Holy water on his head (the power of Christ entering the soul, right?!).
Fr. George has been our family priest for over 12 years and is a great friend--it was so special to have him officiate the service!
4 Generations--it was so special to have my 91-year-old grandpa with us!
Members of my family in attendance.
My Uncle Ed (who is my godfather), Aunt Brigette, cousin Gabby, & cousin Veronica.
The Walters--good friends of the family!
After the baptism, we all headed back to my parents house to eat (and eat and eat)--we brought a ham, pineapple stuffing, chips, drinks, & desserts and my mom made funeral baptism potatoes, fruit salad, cranberry coleslaw w/a poppy seed dressing, dip, and she supplied a couple bottles of wine. We. were. stuffed.
The cake pops didn't come out quite like I hoped, but they tasted good!
A Brandon/Annie cooking collaboration: I made the cupcakes & frosting and Brandon frosted & decorated them!
The food and company were both excellent!

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