Monday, March 24, 2014

Jackson's 3 Month Update!

Guess what we celebrated on Saturday?

If you guessed the one month anniversary of our Costco membership, you'd be correct!

But more importantly.. it was Mr. Jack's 3 month birthday!

This month has gone by so so so quickly--I can't believe our little guy is a quarter of a year old already! Is it bad that I've already started planning his first birthday party (Christmas theme, anyone)? 
Buddha Baby!
Weight: 12 pounds (taken on the bathroom scale).

Length: He was 22 inches at his 2 month well check so I'm guessing he's 23-24 inches long now (measuring him would be a battle not worth fighting!).

Nicknames: Jax, Jack, Kiddo, Jacksie, Bubba (Bubbas, Bub, Bubby), Buddy, Baby

Wearing: 3-6 months (did you see the tummy on this babe?!).

Sleep: We still co-sleep so he sleeps like a champ through the night.. the more I've researched/talked to other moms, the more I think that co-sleeping is the best thing for us and Jax. Things may change by next month though so check back on April 22nd to see what we're up to!

Jax likes: Lullabies, being rocked, bath time, cuddling, his cousins, lights, chewing on his hands, kicking, TV (uh-oh), playing, eating, jabbering, smiling, his lovies, pulling mommy's hair, staring at his hands, looking at himself in the mirror during tummy time, & going for walks.

Jax dislikes: Being read to, dirty diapers, being in his car seat for too long, being bored, his bottle & pacifier.

Mom & Dad's Favorite Things: How alert and happy he is, his sweet smile, his fun little personality, & how outgoing he already is.

Teeth: A few weeks ago, Jax began the terrible process of teething and has been drooling/blowing bubbles ever since. To combat the teething pain/drooling/bubbles, I bought a Baltic Amber necklace and it has worked GREAT! He started wearing it on Friday and I kid you not, the drooling has stopped--yes!! He also hasn't been quite as fussy so I'm hoping the necklace is taking away some of his pain, too.

Happenings: Baptism, 1st Ash Wednesday, lots of trips around the city, visit from Uncle Joe, Aunt Britney, Benny & Sara.

Babies first #ashtag (most of his Ash Wednesday ashes had rubbed off on my jacket by this point but you can still kinda see the remnants of a cross).
~Is it terrible that I have hair envy of my 3-month-old? He has the prettiest, shiniest, thickest, and curliest hair ever! Thick hair runs in both Brandon's and my families (Brandon has great hair and so does my brother) and my Grandpa Kasten's hair was curly so I think he got the best from both sides.. hopefully it stays that way and doesn't become fine and limp like mine!
Jackson and his special Great Great Aunt Millie.
~"I feel bad for smiling when he cries; I'm not happy that he's sad.. I just can't help it because he still looks so cute!" -Brandon. 

Yes folks--we have a cute crier.
Jax=Always Adorable                                    Mom=Ugly Crier
Bumbo time with Uncle Joey
 ~He has such a cute personality already and doesn't like being left out of anything (my mom said he reminds her so much of me when I was a baby.. uh oh..)! I thought that babies were normally deep sleepers but anything and everything wakes this guy up--he's too afraid to miss out on anything! 

I still think he came a week and a half early because he didn't want to miss Christmas.. So maybe he does take after me?

Jackson loves his cousin Sara (I think the feeling is mutual)!
~I spoke too soon about Jax going from breast to bottle to pacifier with no problems.. he now refuses both bottle and paci. Ugh. Brandon's going to start giving him his bottle more at night so hopefully that helps (it makes going out so much easier)!

My favorite video of Jax!


  1. What a cutie they grow up so quick, 3 months now and teenager before you know it so enjoy.

  2. You do have a cute crier :) So much changes after they turn 3 months, I think it's a huge milestone for them. Glad I found your blog through a link party. Take care! -Jillian

  3. Thanks, girl! We think he's pretty special!

  4. Gah, it's crazy--he's only been 3 months for a couple of days and he's already acting more grown up (well, as grown up as a 3-month-old can act, ha)! Why must they grow up so quickly?!

  5. Thanks, friend! It's already going by too fast--I don't like it!


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