Tuesday, March 18, 2014

(Over the Mantle) Gallery Wall

We've lived in Denver for almost 2 months now and I'm just now getting around to posting a few apartment pictures.. better late than never, right?

Our cool little apartment in the city has been a work in progress in terms of decorating--between (Brandon's) work, bringing up baby (Jax.. not the classic Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn movie), and our weekend travels, decorating just hasn't been a huge priority. We're getting there though and today I'm sharing my favorite part of the apartment--our gallery wall above the fireplace!

I love gallery walls--I think that each one is unique and packs such a punch of personality into any space, big or small. When we first toured our apartment, I was immediately drawn to this space and knew it would be perfect for a gallery wall--so as soon as we moved in, it was time to execute a layout! Instead of using a bunch of pictures (like I did with the gallery wall at our old place), we decided to mostly use signs we've collected over the years. We both love the way it turned out!

 Here's some details..

1.) My Great Aunt Millie crocheted this sign for our wedding--I have always loved these and was so excited to receive it!
2.) The crucifix (top) is mine and the silver cross was a gift Brandon received for his confirmation.
3.) Our wedding guestbook--my uber talented dad (the engineer) made this for us!
4.) Pick Your Plum (where else?)!
5.) Brandon's and my family pictures (from our wedding).
6.) My Aunt Nancy gave me this little tapestry for Christmas '04 and I have loved (& displayed!) it ever since--it's a picture of Annie Oakley with the caption: "They wanted to make me a star, but it was always enough for me to just be Annie."

7.) The cutest cousins ever (Jackson, Benny, and Sara)!
8.) My parents made this shadow box for me--the gloves were crocheted by my Great Grandma, the rosary was my Great Aunt Helen's, and the two pins (hard to see in this picture) were left to me by my Grandma Mitz.
9.) As For Me & My House, We Will Serve the Lord sign--clearance at Hobby Lobby
10.) All because two people drink wine sign--Ross
11.) Psalm 33:22 sign--Easter clearance at Walmart
12.) God Bless America sign--Burlington Coat Factory

And a few mantle pictures/wide shots:

Hopefully we will have the rest of the living room decorated soon so I can share it with you all! We're currently in search of a rug (we have all "hardwood" floors) and are going back and forth between how to decorate the wall behind the sectional (Brandon likes contemporary and abstract art, I don't; I like classic and traditional art, he doesn't).

To be continued... but until then, what do you think of gallery walls? In need of some gallery wall inspiration? Check out my board on Pinterest! 

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