Friday, March 28, 2014

The Friday Funnies One Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

What a wonderful, wonderful day this is!

Besides being Friday, it's the one year anniversary of the Friday Funnies and we're going to party!

I have gone through each of the past funnies (38 in all) and hand picked my personal favorite from each post--these memes, Ecards, and cartoons are the cream of the crop because you guys deserve the very best!

Now, sit back, grab your drink of choice, turn on some crazy German techno music (this is a party, right?), and enjoy the funnies!

I actually started the Funnies on Good Friday last year; I wasn't sure what to post about so I thought it'd be fun to post a bunch of funny pictures. Well, it stuck and has become a staple here at AOCC--I always have a blast putting it together and appreciate everyone who takes the time to read it/comment!

Have a great weekend, gang!


  1. Thanks Dara! They are my favorite posts to put together each week :D


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