Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Welcome to the third installment of What I Wore Wednesday!

I've classed-it-up in "mommy chic," chilled out as the "cool mom," and today, I'm painting the town as an "artsy mom."

I thought this was such a cool and "artsy" looking outfit (I'm not artsy.. I wish I were, but I'm not.. at least I can dress like it, right?)--I wore it last Saturday for Brandon's and my burger date and felt so cool and creative looking the entire time. 

Here's the details: 
1.) The beautiful diamond necklace was actually a bridal shower gift from my (then) future mother and sister-in-law--it's one of my favorite go-to pieces because it's so versatile, subtle, and pretty.
2.) The long sleeved shirt was a Christmas gift from my Aunt Nancy. I'm typically intimidated by horizontal stripes (I don't need to look bigger than I am!) but LOVE this shirt and like how it can be worn alone or paired with a jacket/scarf/vest. An added bonus? It's super soft, light, and comfortable!
3.) The pants were a Christmas gift from my mom (maybe I should have titled this outfit the "Gifty Mom"?). They are hands down the most comfortable slacks I have ever worn--they're like yoga pants that you can wear to church or work!

This little number cost me a total of $0 (gotta love Christmas gifts)! It was really comfortable and fun and I will definitely be wearing it again soon! Do you like to mix up your look, too? Tell me about it!

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