Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Burger Saturday: Jim's Burger Haven

1st Burger Saturday: Buffalo Wild Wings in Fort Collins
2nd Burger Saturday: Old Chicago in Boulder
3rd Burger Saturday: Five Guys in Castle Rock
4th Burger Saturday: Park Burger in Denver
5th Burger Saturday: 5280 Burger Bar in Denver
6th Burger Saturday: Ted's Montana Grill in Greenwood Village
7th Burger Saturday: LoDo's Bar & Grill in Westminster
8th Burger Saturday: Jim's Burger Haven in Westminster

As I mentioned yesterday, my boys and I went to my parents house Saturday afternoon, so we didn't want to venture too far away for a burger last weekend--enter Yelp. I did a Yelp search for the best burger in northern Denver and the results came back with Jim's Burger Haven. Brandon and I have driven by Jim's a couple times now (once on the way to Casa Bonita, the other time on our way to thrift) and talked about stopping there sometime, so we were sold.

Jim's it was!

The atmosphere of Jim's Burger Haven isn't anything too special (no special decor, kind of resembled a plain Jane 50's burger joint) but what it lacks in frill, it makes up for in taste.. and good oldies music. 

Oh my goodness, were their burgers and fries yummy!
My "small" (4 in.) burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mustard.
Brandon's large (6 in.--the size of my head) cheeseburger with lettuce, mustard, and ketchup.
As soon as you bite into one of Jim's mouthwatering masterpieces, you can taste the quality and freshness of the beef. This isn't one of your regular fast food burgers; these bad boys are cooked to order and it shows (the company even prides itself on not owning steam trays)! The patties are seasoned to absolute perfection and carry that greasy, enticing aroma that I've come to expect from superb burgers.

Brandon and I both give Jim's Burger Haven a big thumbs up! Oh, and an added bonus? This has been our least expensive Burger Saturday yet (my burger was about $2.50)! A second bonus? The smell of grilled deliciousness is so heavy in the restaurant that it will be embedded in your clothes for the rest of the day (which is fine by me)! Boom!

We'll be back.

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