Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our First Thrifting Trip*

*as residents of Denver.

On (Burger) Saturday morning, Brandon, Jack, and I decided to venture out for a little thrifting adventure. If you know Brandon and me, you know that we love our thrifting and used to go almost every weekend before I began boycotting Goodwill (because of this NBC News report)--however, now that we live in a big city with more stores to choose from, we're back to our old bargain hunting ways and couldn't be happier! 
After scouring Yelp for the highest rated thrift shops in Denver, we decided to head south to Mile High Thrift Store with the mission of finding Jackson some "new" pajamas (this kid keeps growing and growing!). The trip to the store took a lot longer than we both expected (who knew that there was a north and south Sheridan Blvd?) but after passing nearly a dozen marijuana dispensaries, several cops, and a really old looking Arby's, we arrived at our destination. 
As soon as we entered the store, I made a beeline over to the infant section and was immediately disappointed--everything seemed really disorganized and I couldn't find anything in Jax's size.. dang. At that point, I was just ready to leave; the store was packed anyway and I felt discouraged. Luckily, Brandon suggested we make a quick trip around the store so we began walking and discovered all kinds of well priced treasures! 

Good thing Brandon didn't listen to me, huh (this is the only time you'll ever hear me say this)?

We wound up doubling Jackson's book collection for a meer $12 and scored the Disney Trivial Pursuit board game for another $3! Boom! 
I had that same exact Mother Goose book when I was a little girl!
I wish we could have shopped some more at Mile High Thrift Store (I spotted a Coach bag in excellent condition for only $30..), but they only accept cash and all we had was a $20--maybe that's a good thing though? We will be back! 

Are you a Coloradoan whose been to Mile High Thrift? What did you think? Do you have any other thrifting suggestions for us? Let me know!

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