Monday, April 28, 2014

Reunited (and it feels so good)!

Last Thursday was a total Monday..

..I woke up, began making my coffee in the Keurig, walked off to do something else, and suddenly realized that I forgot to put a cup under the spout..

Huge mess.

Then, Mr. Jax had the blowout of the century all over our clean, Egyptian cotton sheets..

Makeshift sheets during Thursday's nap time (he was so happy when I took him out of his clothes so I let him nap in just his diaper).
Anyway, it was just one of those days until I received a text from my dear friend Abby seeing what we were up to and if we were up for a visit from her and Ben (her adorable little boy) on Friday.

Umm, yes!!

Abby and Ben live 5 hours away so it was such a treat--and surprise!--to hear they were coming to visit! They arrived in Denver at around 11 on Friday morning and we spent the afternoon shopping, catching up, and eating delicious Red Lobster. It was a perfect day!
We didn't get too many pictures because these two little tykes were tired and grumpy (though you wouldn't know it by looking at them--cuties!).
I have to include a few throwback pics..
The Roomies (FREs), circa 2010--this was actually the night that Brandon and I first met.
Oktoberfest 2011 (why are our lips white?)
Abby's graduation day (with Mal Pal!), 2012
Abby's bachelorette party in Downtown Wichita, 2012
My bachelorette party in Downtown Denver, 2012
Abby's wedding day, 2012
My wedding day, 2013
As you can see, we've been through a lot together in the four short years we've know each other and it's been weird not seeing each other on a regular basis since moving.. hopefully we'll get to catch up again in June when we (plan) to visit Hays!

In other weekend news:
  • We got Brandon some new tires on Saturday morning/afternoon.
  • Burger Saturday at Giant Burger. 
  • Jax now has pink eye in his right eye (ugggggh).
  • Family pictures in south Denver.
    Don't adjust your screens, folks--this picture is super blurry! Brandon found a great Groupon for pictures in Littleton (which is why we had them taken in the first place) and the proofs they sent us are all really tiny and of poor quality so we can't steal them.. we have a viewing next Saturday and will buy the rights to all of them then so check back next week for all of our pics!
  • Swim suit, capri, & shorts shopping at Kohls and Gordmans--I'm now summer ready! 
  • I took my first baby less nap since having Jax (it was lovely.. we're going to begin crib training next weekend).
  • Nice visit with Ryan (one of Brandon's best friends and best man at our wedding) and his girlfriend, Allison.
Have a great Monday, everyone! 

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