Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I am so excited for my first ever Mother's Day on Sunday!

Brandon, Jax and I will be having lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with my parents, brother, Aunt & Uncle, and dear friend of the family on Saturday and then we'll be spending Sunday at my parent's house with my family and mom's besties, Diane and Sharon. It'll be a weekend for the books (and for the blog, of course)!

Before even becoming a mom, Mother's Day was one of my favorite holidays--I am blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life (mom, mothers-in-law, grandmas, aunts, friends, etc.) and Mother's Day gives me the chance to thank them for all they do. With that being said, I have always loved shopping for/making Mother's Day gifts and would like to share a few gift ideas with you!
1.) Personalized stationery (pictured stationery from Lemon Tree Paperie): I love to write (hence the blog) and drool over pretty paper, journals, and notecards--and I know I'm not the only one (can anyone else walk around Papyrus for hours without getting bored?)! Why not surprise your mom with some gorgeous personalized stationery for Mother's Day? Whether it be personalized with initials or with a picture of a special someone, mom will love it! 

2.) Baskets/Kits (picture from Green Tea Paradise): Does your mom love tea? Make her a little "Tea Lovers Kit" with a box of her favorite leaves, an oversized mug, and a pretty kettle. Baseball lover? Two tickets to see her favorite team (one for you and one for her!), a jersey, and a box of Cracker Jacks to take to the game would be one 'home run' of a gift! The great thing about making your own basket is that you can also customize the gift to fit your budget.

3.) Birchbox (or any monthly subscription service): Subscription services make a great gift because: 
~They are the gift that keep on giving (most services call for at least a 3-month subscription).
~Each box is personalized to the recipients likes and helps them discover new products.
~Who doesn't enjoy receiving happy mail?! 

4.) Domino: The Book of Decorating: If your mom enjoys decorating, is looking for some colorful inspiration, or just like big coffee table books, then Domino is the read for her. I have been eying a copy at Barnes & Noble for some time now and can vouch that it is a lovely (and practical!) book. 

5.) Hand Carved Willowtree Sculptures: I collect Willowtree sculptures because they are beautiful and because each sculpture represents a different time in my life; I was gifted "Beautiful Wishes" for my bridal shower, "Together" for our wedding, "Brother and Sister" (from my brother) for my birthday, and the "Home" & "Our Gift" statues right after Jax was born (Brandon gave them to me for Christmas). Even if your mom doesn't collect them, they will still make for a treasured gift.

Okay, I admit that most of these suggestions are gifts that I would like to receive but that's okay because I have good taste, right? Right?! but I can guarantee that your mom will love them too! Have you made/bought your mom's gift yet? What are you getting her?

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