Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poor Sick Baby..

The second thing I've been dreading since becoming a mom has happened (the first being this)..

Jackson is sick :(

We first noticed him coughing and sneezing some last weekend but wrote it off as allergies (he came out of the womb sneezing so it's nothing new or alarming). As the week progressed, he began rubbing his eyes quite a bit but again, we didn't think too much about it. Then on Saturday morning, he began coughing more and more and just wasn't acting himself. That's when we knew something was up. 
Partying hard on Saturday night--my best friend is moving to AZ so we stopped by their surprise going away party for a few hours.
By Sunday morning, he was a full on snot and phlegm factory :/ He was still acting fairly happy but as the day went on, he became fussier and snottier. We had my brother over for supper on Sunday night and while he was over, I decided I HAD to get a Nosefrida for Jax--those stupid bulbs don't work well and I've heard nothing but good (yet disgusting) things about the Nosefrida so off I went. 
Jax and Uncle Joey.
I went EVERYWHERE and couldn't find it. I returned home an hour later feeling defeated and decided to just use our Amazon Prime and have it shipped in one day. Since Monday was Memorial Day (which I kept forgetting about), it wouldn't be here until Wednesday. 


I decided to just go ahead and buy it on Amazon anyway and use the bulb in the meantime but began regretting my decision a few hours later. At 11:30pm, I began calling any place that was still open and asked if they carried it. 

Of course, nobody did.

Needless to say, Jax didn't sleep well at all that night and woke up crying every 15-30 minutes. I finally brought him out to the living room early Monday morning to cuddle and watch cartoons and that's when I once began researching where to buy this damn Nosefrida.

I finally tracked it down at Buy Buy Baby. 

The Hallelujah Chorus played in my head as I patiently waited for the store to open.. I was the first one there when they opened at 9am, grabbed a Frida and box of filters, stopped by the Goodtimes drive thru for celebratory breakfast burritos (which are amazing), and came home to literally suck the snot out of my child. 

It was a very, very long day (he HATES taking Tylenol and gags every time we give it to him; he also threw up a couple of times which resulted in me calling the after hours number for his doctor) but we all made it through. We had another rough night last night (crying every 15-30 minutes, up for an hour at 2am) but he seems to be doing a little better today; he's been napping on his own the last hour and sounds a little less congested. 

Here's hoping we're nearing the end of this baby plague--seeing your child sick and hurting is by far the worst feeling in the world and I hope he doesn't have to go through this again for a long, long time.


  1. Oh the crazy things we will do for our babies! :)
    I hate baby sickness - there is seriously nothing worse.


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